Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's true, Fall is officially here!!!

Fall is here and it is cold today.. brrrrr, I feel it in my bones. I much prefer the warmer weather. Although it wasn't that long ago when I did enjoy the colder weather. What a difference age makes. I think I am going to have to start wearing my gloves in the house LOL.
We are still partying over at Scrap, Paper, Scissors and are having a wonderful time.. the challenges and games just keep coming. We are going to be singing "Wasn't that a Party" after it's all over for sure.
I got a couple more layouts completed. My mojo has gone missing so it's a bit tougher now for me to get anything done. This first layout was really fun, Kelly keep giving us clues in rhyme's and we had to figure them out and then at the end she told us how to put the clues together. This is how mine turned out and I am quite pleased with it.

This next one was Pat's "Copy" business challenge. She gave us a list of 4 items, the next person was to keep 2 of those items and add two of their own.. then the next person was to keep two of those and add two of their own and so on. For mine I kept Shipping Tag and Date Stamp and added Staples and Paper Clip.

Thanks for looking, all comments are welcomed :)

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Pat said...

These are both so cute!!