Monday, November 2, 2015

You and Me Together

Things are definitely looking up, I completed another layout in just a couple of hours.I used a sketch from the Robin's Nest to do this one.  Unfortunately I don't have any product from them so the layout won't be entered in their contest.

Here is the sketch by Bev Code:

Here is my layout.

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

I am back.

Hello my good friends.

I am back, so many things have happened to me since I last posted, I think that I am really back now though and am praying that nothing else is going to happen to me.

As is normal for me, the month of December I went through my normal December bout of depression this time however, it didn't just go away and I fell into a much deeper depression than usual.

Then I had a stroke... they called it a TIA and told me that the symptoms only last 24 - 48 hours. They were wrong.  It took months for some of them to disappear and a couple of them still persists.
I have no short term memory left and my speech becomes blurred if I have to say more than a sentence or two.   The things that I loved to do before the TIA like scrapbooking no longer held any interest for me but the TV which I had previously hated now took up my entire day.

It is very disturbing and upsetting to walk into a room and have no idea why you are there, or to say something to someone and you say something that makes no sense at all because your brain didn't process it properly.

Well with all things said I have finally gotten to the point where the TV don't hold a lot of interest for me any more and I am getting more and more into scrapping.  I sometimes need a nudge to get started and my husband helps with that. He will often bring me a picture and say "you should go and scrap this one" and of course I do.

Here are a few that I have completed so far this month.

I did this one because I wanted to show how much my oldest grandson loves his oldest sister. It takes a lot of love and self confidence for a boy to be willing to allow his sister to dress him up.

This one is of the lady I am scrapping for for over a year.  Her precious father died last Christmas day.

This one is of my five grand children..Oldest to the youngest..Donald, Theresa, Isaac, Daniel and Samantha. Christmas 2013

This is my middle brother (I love him more than tongue could ever say) and his beautiful wife.

I love the look on Donald's face in the center photo.

I absolutely love the way this layout turned out even though most of the colours were not drawn from the photos.

 My youngest grand daughter has an infectious smile even with her front teeth missiong. :)

So you can see that even though I am not up to my standard yet, I am most certainly getting there.  You might also notice that my embellishments are not as 3D as I normally have done in the past but I spent the last two weekends putting my stash of layouts in their albums and the 3D ones absolutely screwed up the look of the album and I didn't like. So I won't be making any more of these.

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Monday, November 17, 2014

My Heart Belongs to Daddy

November 13 challenge was to scraplift my own layout from October 16th.  I was very uncomfortable doing this but I managed.

This is the layout I had to lift:

This is my Lift:

November 14th challenge was to create a turkey, any turkey. I created a turkey placecard. I think these would be lovely for a thanksgiving dinner table.

For November 15th, the challenge issued was to create a stocking stuffer. I thought this sticky notes holder would be perfect for my photographer daughter.

November 16th came with a challenge to create an embossed card. Now I keep forgetting that I have embossing folders so this was a lovely challenge to remind me to use some tools that I forget about. :)

I have also been doing some challenges over at Kitchen Keepsakes . The first one was to use a frame somewhere on the layout.

The next challenge was to create a Thank you card.

Another challenge was to use a tiny photo on a layout.

And last of all was a sketch challenge.

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Crazy Silly Fun

     Yes, that is certainly what it looks like Skylar is doing on this layout, having crazy, silly, fun!!  For November 12, crash your stash challenge we were challenged to use some of our 6 X 6 paper pads.. I have lots of those but always forget that I have them.  I used some Lost and Found for this layout.  Of course my Kreaxions super duper circle cutter came in for a lot of use for this one.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Continuing on..

Yes, Yes, Yes, I have caught up with the daily challenges at Turtle Soup  and I am so pleased.  The last post I finished of with the November 5th card challenge so I will pick up with the November 6th Scraplift challenge which was a stunning white card. I used a cut file from the Silhouette store to create this lovely card. The ribbon is from The Paper Pickle here in Chatham, a glorious local scrapbooking store.

Next up is Friday November 7th inspirational challenge, which was to use circles, triangles, stars or the &. Well I do have triangles even if they are a bit tiny, they are the corners on the photo. The circle and stars are much easier to see.

Of course the November 8th  All sorts challenge to create some tags just had to be completed and here are my tags.

November 9th was another card challenge, this time it called for a monochrome card and once again I put my Cameo to use to create this gorgeous card. I think I might have to send this one to myself since I love it so much LOL

November 10th we were back to Monday sketch challenge again.. yeah, my favourite challenge.

I am really digging up my stash here and using a lot of shall we say "scrap" paper?  This is paper that was originally headed for the scrap bin.

Today the challenge was to use paper creatively.  Well, this is more paper that was going in the recycle bin, but I had this photo of my mom that I wanted to scrap and I wanted it to look elegant but not over stated... I think this paper did that perfectly.  The only things I added were the pearls, the dragonflies and the Title, oh yeah and the paper clip.

That's it for today... I will probably be back tomorrow or the next day with some more.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

busy busy busy

Well I haven't exactly done has I said I would.  But I am working on it.  Here are some items that I have finished so far. These were all for challenges at the Turtle Soup Forum

This first one was for the Saturday All Sorts for November 1. It was to alter something and I altered a flower tin that I purchased flowers in from Micheal's. The Paper I used was K&Company, the flowers were made using my Cameo.

This challenge was the Sunday card challenge for November 2 to create a card that was any shape other than a square or a rectangle. I used a cut file from the Siluette online store to cut this cute little owl card.

Next up was the Monday sketch challenge for Novemeber 3, by now you all know that I love sketch challenges so this one was one of my favourite challenges. Once again I used paper from K&Company and the flowers and flourishes were cut files from the Silouette online store. The butterflies are from Forever in Time.

Since I had to do two layouts using the same pictures, one for each of the kids albums and I wanted a more boyish layout for Skylar, the next challenge worked perfectly for this. The November 4th Technique challenge was to use paper pleating.

The November 5th Crash your Stash challenge was really no challenge for me since I have so much paper from back when I first started scrapping. The paper I used for this card is from Crafty Secrets and I got it about 6 or 7 years ago.

You really should hop on over to Turtle Soup and check them out, they are a wonderful forum with terrific challenges but with no pressure, you  can pick and choose which challenges you would like to do. There is a new challenge posted each day.
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Monday, November 3, 2014

A New Leaf

Well with all the leaves falling, maybe it is time I turned over a new leaf around here.  I have not been doing a great job of keeping up my blog. I am going to try to do a better job of that for the month of November, let's see if I can stick to that.

I want to try to do an average of one layout per day for the month.

Here is the first one.

My Little Charmer, was created using a Sketch from "Designs by Diane"
I used paper from Recollections All Occassions Paper Pad. The title and the trees were cut files from the Silhouette online store  and cut with my Cameo.  I used my Kreaxions Circle cutter to cut the circle.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How Time Flies

It seems like I am always talking about how the time just flies by, but it is so very true!  I can't believe that September swept by like a breath... and here it is the 8th of October already.   We barely had any summer worth mentioning... spring? well I think we went directly from winter to the summer that we did have.  However, we are having a wonderful fall so I will be thankful for that.

I have been keeping busy though. Without further ado, here are some of the layouts I have created since October came in.  These are all of Braydon who is a little upset that I have finished a album for each of his older sibings but not one for him yet, so I am working hard to fix that for him. LOL

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fun in the leaves

I have had better luck when cutting SVG's from Miss Kate's cutable's than I have with others. Seems when I try to resize the other files to smaller images they just won't cut but when I resize the ones from Miss Kate's they cut just fine.  Doesn't make much sense but oh well.
I loved those pics of Brady playing in the leaves, brought back some memories. LOL  I used some very old papers that had no names on it and of course the leaves are from Miss Kate's.

Some other layout's I have completed this week are:
1st Promotion. This is a layout about Donald's first promotion in Air Cadet's. He was promoted to LAC (Leading Air Cadet) he is now a Corporal. For this layout I googled Air Cadets and found the badge, downloaded it and cut it with my Cameo.  I used DoodleBug's Patriotic Parade papers.

The next layout  is "Chocolate is a Girl's Best Friend". This layout is about my darling grand daughter Samantha. She is covered in chocolate. For this layout I used Your's Truly from Echo Park. The flowers were made from an SVG from the silhouette store.

Of course I have to show this pic of Alan with both dogs snuggled up to him. LOL

That's been my week. Hope you have a wonderful week too.
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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wow, Wow, and Wow again!!!

Oh my goodness, where do I begin.  So much has happened and I am not sure how much I should talk about LOL.

I had to take my cat, Lucky, to the animal shelter. My allergies were just too bad to keep her any longer. I was having to feel my way to the washroom in the mornings to soak my eyes open because they were practically glued shut by the time I awakened and my nose was like a water fall just not so pretty. However, I have to admit that I do not miss her. I think she was the first cat I ever had that I didn't become attached to.

We finally ditched the van and got another vehicle. We got a 2004 Chev Epica LT.  Oh my gosh do I ever love that thing. When I am driving it, it feels like it is floating. This car comes fully equipped, power windows, power doors, power steering, cruise control, sun roof, moonroof, adjustable mirrors from interior, electric mirrors, tilt steering, intermittent wipers, rear window defroster, interior trunk release, heated mirrors, am/fm radio, cd player, steering wheel audio controls, remote entry, air conditioning, leather interior, electric left front seat, heated seats, climate control, mags, fog lights, floor mats, abs brakes, traction control, child proof locks, bucket seats....handles like a charm. The colour is called red/brown.. although it is certainly more red than brown.  Now even though this car is 10 years old, it is in mint condition, inside and out.  I am very pleased with this purchase.

I also did some painting this summer.  The house looked so dumpy so I decided that I was going to spruce it up a bit. I painted the front and back porches and all the trim. Now I am not one who likes height so going up and down the ladder was not a lot of fun but I am rather proud of myself for doing it.  I think it made the house look so much  more welcoming and certainly more comfortable looking.

This past week I did something I have never dreamed possible.  For most of my life I have had difficulty being around children. Now don't get me wrong, I love kids but I can't handle noise. I can't handle the busyness that comes with children.  Even raising my own daughter was extremely difficult and most of it was done by my husband. My daughter on the other hand has no problem handling children and has five of them ranging in age from 8 to 15 years.  Last week her husband had to go to Vancouver to work for his company and they offered to pay all expenses for her to go with him. Well of course she wanted to go with him, who wouldn't  want to take advantage of such a wonderful offer?  But there was this huge stumbling block standing in her way... well 5 of them to be accurate... 10 if you count the 4 cats and the dog. LOL   She phoned me and said "Mom, I know you are going to say no, but I just have to ask you... blah blah blah... well you know I had to ask."  I said just a sec and let me talk it over with your father, and after talking it over with him, I told her sure we would go to her place and watch the kids for a week for her.  Oh my gosh she burst into tears on the phone she was so excited.

It was a little tough but not because of the children, they were exceptionally well behaved. It was because they don't believe in having a Television and refuses to have one in their home so we were totally lost without it. The hardest part for me was getting up so early in the morning to pack the kids lunches and get them of to school. Up to a few years ago I would never have been able to do that for her but thanks to Dr. Fairbairn, my shrink, I am now able to do many things I have never been able to do before.  He is an amazing man and I literally owe him my life.

Oh there is so much more happening but I am not going to bore you with my life all in one go so that's all I am going to talk about right now. LOL

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Saying Goodbye with a Fan

This is my last day with Just Imagine/Kreaxions Design Team. It has been a very interesting 6 months.

Today I have used Kreaxions punch #905 to create a very pretty fan. I first took a 12" X 6" piece of cardstock and used the punch along the edge, then I used the ScorePal to score between the punched edge so it would fold nicely. Then I took a piece of 12" X 3" patterned paper and punched it along the edge and then adhered it to the cardstock. Then I pinched the folds together on one edge to create the fan and glued them. Then I created the handle by using a piece of 3" by 5" piece of cardstock folded 3 times and glued it to the folded edge. I then decorated my fan.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Happy Thoughts card

It's my day up on the Kreaxions blog again and I have created a cute little card using the Kreaxions punch #303 and the oval template. I used both the negative and positive from the punch to create a cute decorative edging on my card. Then I used the oval template to cut an oval for my sentiment. So easy to create using the Kreaxions punches and templates.
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Monday, August 18, 2014

Pretty Girl

I just finished this layout this morning. I used Authentique's Classic Pretty collection for this pretty little lady :)
I love this collection and I love the quality of the paper.
 I also used  a TCW stencil and some Glass Bead Gel mixed with Pink Gelatos on the background. I cut the flowers using a cut file from the Silhoutte online store and my Cameo.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Toadably Loveable

Hey there, it's the DT reveal for Just Imagine/Kreaxions blog today. So I created this layout with Skylar. He is such a treasure. I used Kreaxions punch #310 and  Star template for this layout.
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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Patriotic Son

Today I'm sharing a layout I created using the fabulous Kreaxions circle cutter and Kreaxions punch #919.

I used the new "We are Family" papers from Echo Park for this layout, love love love this collection, so very versatile.  I used the circle cutter to cut my circles. I used Punch #919 for the edge on the side of the layout and then used the negative piece for the top of my layout. I used a Pitt Artist black pen to do the faux stitching.

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Thursday, July 31, 2014


Yes it was that time of the year for graduations and my oldest grand daughter was graduating from Grade 8.  Of Grandma had to be present and had to take many many photos.

To create this layout I used Kreaxions punch #904 in many ways. I used it to create the border. I used it to create the doily after I used the circle cutter first to create a circle.  I love the way this layout turned out.
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