Thursday, October 3, 2013

Huff and puff...

     Oh my gosh, those gals at Scrap, Paper, Scissors, sure know how to throw the challenges at you. They have kept me hopping between the games and the challenges... well maybe I should say they have kept me scrapping.
     Now these are in no wise in order of  issue..

Challenge #1.. "Helen's Sneaky Secret" Birthday card Business! Make a birthday card using your sketch and post the sketch and the card.

Challenge #2.. Pat's Tuesday's Altered Business make a post-it-note holder & a pencil & pen holder.

Challenge #3.. Pat's Strip Business use some tape, a page from a book, and use strips of paper to do your journaling or title.  I also used this layout for a challenge at the Flying Unicorn to use a Horror Movie Title on a non Halloween page.

Challenge #4 - A BIRTHDAY inspiration business challenge , a colour palette of blue, yellow and pink.  I also used this one for The Let's get Fussy Challenge at the Flying Unicorn.

I also did the mojo monday sketch for the Flying Unicorn.

I am sure they will hit us with more challenges tomorrow... can't wait to see what they still have up their sleeves LOL.

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Pat said...

WOW!!! you are on a roll!! Beautiful work on all.