Saturday, March 16, 2013

What a week!!!

I had the most enjoyable week but now it has ended. Janet came and picked up the kids and it is so quiet here I can't believe it. It was time for them to go home though, they were getting homesick although they would never admit it. Theresa was missing her dog and spending most of her time skyping with her mother.

Yesterday we went to Sarnia to the Children's Farm. Unfortunately we got there late and most of the animals and birds were in the barns and locked up. However they did get to see some.

Theresa was enchanted by this bird.

Of course they had to chase the geese.. I think that is a normal kid thing.

I was actually surpised that the geese didn't turn on them, they have been known to do that, but we left without incident. LOL

When we got home we decided some scrappy time was in order. It wasn't easy toting all my scrappy stash downstairs but there wasn't enough room in my tiny scrappy room for us all so there wasn't any choice.

I know one thing for sure, I am sure gonna miss them. Janet suggested that I take the other three for the Easter break.. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!! I am not good with little children at all and that would send me clear around the bend.

Now I am gonna go and get scrap happy.


Colleen said...

It is always that bitter sweet isn't it.

SusieJ said...

So pleased you managed your outing and some scrapping.
Hugs xx
p.s. agree with you about little children....

Pat said...

So glad you enjoyed your time with them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for finally writing about > "What a week!!!" < Loved it!

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