Friday, March 15, 2013

My poor babies!!!

Fur babies that is. My two eldest grand children are spending this March break with me and they are tormenting the lives out of my cat and dog. I want to video the animals when the children leave because I am sure the sighs will be audible enough to hear a mile away. LOL

Actually they are great kids and for the most part have had to entertain themselves because I ended up getting stuck working. I took them both to work with.. not at the same time of course, they seemed to have enjoyed that.But for the most part this is what they are spending their time doing.

Donald already had his own laptop so I thought it only fair that Theresa have one too. So, since I have one that I only use when we go on vacation, I gave it to her with the provo that it is mine when I go on vacation but it is her's the rest of the time but she has to take good care of it. That earned me the "most awesomest nana in the world" distinction. Doesn't take much to earn those distinctions it would seem. Just having them come for the week earned me "the bestest nana ever" distinction. Even making them wash dishes and vacumn didn't seem to distract from that. I am suspecting that the idea of being away from their brothers and sister for a week is enough to make me queen of the universe in their eyes LOL.

Here Theresa is trying to convince Jack that he should stay with her.. he isn't taking the bait and escapes the minute he gets the chance.

As for Donald, give him his World of Warcraft and he doesn't know there is anything else in the world.. he is totally engaged.

Theresa on the other hand, seems to be a bit bored... she likes to keep Lucky occupied and in the case of this picture you can see that Lucky was quite happy to oblige. Look at Lucky's eyes as she is following that roll of tape down the stairs.

Unfortunately for Theresa, Alan tends to love to tease and torment those he loves the most and he really loves Theresa. So he asked her the other day if she wanted to try a scientific experiment.. she said sure what? He said, put Lucky in the microwave for 15 seconds and see if she is dizzy when she comes out. Then he immediately started tormenting her about how wicked she was to want to put the cat in the microwave.. told me that it took both him and Donald to hold her down so she wouldn't put the cat in the microwave. Says he is afraid to leave her alone with the cat now. He says that she eats all the trail mix (kitty litter) and nuggets (dog food). Every time she goes to get something to eat, he says that all she does is eat and that he is going to charge her for her food cause she is eating his food that he needs to stay alive. and it goes on and on and on. He did the same thing to her mother when she was growing up so at least she was forwarned about what was going to happen and why. she just says "Oh Papa" and sighs.

I am sure going to miss them when they have to go home.

Tomorrow if it is nice enough we are going to Sarnia to Canatara Park to the children's farm. If it isn't nice enough we are going to stay home and work on Smash books. We gonna get some bonding time in there :) Either way we will spend the day together.


SusieJ said...

How lovely for you (if not for your poor pets)to have your grandchildren to stay.
Hope the weather's nice enough for your outing.
Have a great weekend.
Hugs xx

Pat said...

Oh how fun jackie!!! There is nothing like grand children!! Have a great week & enjoy.

Colleen said...

So glad you got to have time with your grandkids and your house is going to be so very quite when they go home but just think of the memories you have made.