Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Not a lot happening

There is not much that I can post right now. I have been busy with CT assignments for next month but I can't post those yet.
My cat has become a nuisance of the biggest kind. The children tormented her daily while they were here and you would think that she would be happy that they were gone but oh no, she misses them dreadfully and walks around almost non stop looking for them and crying. When she do settle down, it is either on my keyboard or on my scrap desk making it almost impossible for me to do anything.

I just got my huge order of Lindy's mists, also three new TCW stencils and a new girl stamp which I was just aching to dig into so I made this page for my art journal. I was really pleased with the way it turned out.

Cricut had a new cartridge that was free to use in the Cricut Craft Room that I loved and will be buying as soon as I can get it. It is called South West. I made a few cards using it.
This is my favourite one.

Of course I like them all.

This is my least favourite.

I also did this layout of Theresa bonding with Jack.. actually she had food and where there is food, there is Jack LOL

That is all for now. Don't forget to check back because I have a lot more to post at the beginning of the month :)


Jackie Clark (aka Jax) said...

Looks to me like you have a lot to share :) Funny though with being on a CT about how you can be working flat out and have nothing to show.

Pat said...

Get a can of air to squirt that cat off your stuff. Love the work you have done. That cartridge looks like it will be great!!