Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pushing on..

So my doctor tells me that the stress and worry that I have been having for the past couple of months were the triggers for the depression. He said those are the kinds of things that send me into a tailspin.. well so glad that I got that information, it is nice to be told what you already know..helps keeping you from thinking you are totally bonkers. Of course I don't just think I am bonkers, I KNOW it and that is a key point.

Which reminds me about 20 years ago I had signed up for a Craft show in Alymer and had paid for the tables for the weekend. In the meantime, I had a minor nervous breakdown and ended up in the "Funny Farm". I finally convinced the doctor to allow me a weekend pass so I could do the craft show since it was already paid for and I didn't want to lose the money.
I was setting up my booth when another vendor passed by and looked at a couple of items and shook her head at the prices and asked "are you crazy?" I showed her my hospital bracelet and said "yes, but they allowed me out for the weekend." HAHAHA you should have seen her face and heard her trying to apologize. I just thought it was the funniest thing that happened all month. She was so embarrassed, when she really didn't need to be.

I have learned to laugh at my illness because if I looked at it any other way, I doubt I would ever get through it. No matter how depressed I get, I will find something to laugh at.. I have to there is no choice in that. Laughter is the only thing you can do. I just try not to laugh until I cry. Although this morning I just couldn't help it. Alan has a bad habit of taking his bottom dentures out and putting them on his nightstand. Well now if it is moveable, no matter where it is, Lucky makes sure that it goes on the floor while we are sleeping and that included his teeth. So this morning when we got up, Alan found Jack running around the living room with his teeth in his mouth. OMG, you talk about hilarious and he wasn't about to give them up none to easily either. I couldn't even help him because I was too busy laughing.

Poor Lucky, she gets herself in so much trouble and it really isn't her fault, she is just being a kitten. After we empty our pepsi bottles we put them on the kitchen table until one of us goes out into the porch to put them in the recycle bin. She haves a blast with those things, knocking them on the floor and batting them around. We of course just laugh at her. Today though when we came home, Alan put his almost full bottle of pepsi on the kitchen table... well you just know what happened to that one. He was very angry with her and started yelling at her until I cut in and told him that you can't laugh at her one hour for doing it and then yell the next. She can't tell the difference between a full bottle and an empty one. She was just having fun. So I am laughing at him while he is cleaning up all the spilled Pepsi. He wasn't thrilled but at least he admitted it was his own fault.

I desperately need to get accepted on a Design team or Creative team to some manufacturer or store because I can no longer afford to buy scrappy supplies. However, never having beed a DT or CT holds me back. I think my work is just as good and in some instances better than what I have seen on some of the teams out there but in order to apply to a lot of them you have to submit projects using their products.. which I don't have... what a vicious circle LOL. I think I am going to talk to my LSS and try to talk her into having a CT with me hopefully being one of them. I buy enough product from her.

Anyhow, here we are the last day of February, can't believe the month is over already. I have finally finished my "A -Z of Me" series in my art journal and a good thing to because my journal is full and over running. I won't buy another bound journal for my art work. Instead I bought a nice 3 ring binder and am buying the 140lb paper for it. I have the cover all covered in Gesso in preparation for decorating it but I'm not sure yet what I will do to it, that will have to wait til I have some brains working. In the meantime, here are my final pages from the A - Z.

Unique.. the technique for this one was to use a scrunched up plasic bag with paint. I used darker paint on the left and lighter paint on the right.

Vision we were to use tape resist technique. I decided to cut my tape in half because I didn't want it too wide. Then I misted all over both pages. I did a bit of stamping afterwhich I pulled of the tape. I then drew around the areas that were taped with a Distress Marker and then painted inside with a very light Gelato paint.

For Words, the technique was to use old alphas to make a stamp. I have lots of old foam alphas that I never use so I made a stamp that said "words".  I like this idea and think I will make more individual alpha stamps.

Okay now for X-marks the spot, this one was kinda neat and fun to do. we used distress ink and dishsoap. I love the results.  I also dug out some very old stamps and just went a little crazy with the stamping.

The technique for Yes was basically to print a photo on a paper towel or on a book page. I choose a book page because frankly I have already had enough printer troubles to last me a lifetime and didn't relish the thoughts of more.I also decided to go at this one like a scrapbook page and am pleased with the results.

ahhhhhhh the last one. I wanted to make this one bold and bright. I was very "zealous" with it LOL
I used all watercolour paints on this one. I painted the stripes and outlined them with Distres Marker black soot. then I painted the bottoms with leftover paint.  Across the top of the bottoms I laid the paint on heavy and then sprayed it with water to let it drip down the page. I also used the Gel a tins "you spin me around" stamps with white paint.

Well that's it for me... gonna go see if I can find a blog hop or some blogs offering prizes .. never know what I might win. Of course if I win I still have to get it and that always seems to be the big problem for me.. getting the prizes that I win.Most of the time they just don't show up. :(


Colleen said...

I love the teeth story, LOL

You are just as good if not better than some DT and CT I have seen you you for sure help to keep the boards going.

Pat said...

Jackie your work is gorgeous!! Just keep applying. Did you try DR? I would have applied but she is only taking Candians. :(
I was laughing about your kitty high jinx..too funny & I needed the laugh this morning. Thanks

SusieJ said...

Had to laugh at the teeth story..:)
I love your final journal pages...wtg on trying so many new techniques too.
With you on both the depression (if I didn't laugh I'd be permanently in tears) and the no longer being able to afford craft supplies....I really have enough stash to get through but I'm going to miss my kits and all the new CHA releases.
Hugs xx