Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

Yes I have been extremely busy. Hosting the challenges at Sisterhood of scrap for the month of February plus I have joined the Flying Unicorn where they have lots of challenges to keep me hopping. Not to mention that Jack keeps me pretty busy too. I just HAD to get a dog that you can't mention the word "walk" around or else he goes totally beserk. He also knows the time and at 7pm sharp he is becomes a bouncing fur ball, and he doesn't stop until you take him for his walk. After we get home, it is time to wash his paws and his face because he is filthy.. this wet weather is not conducive for a clean walk at all.

Okay on to the challenges at the Sisterhood.

Challenge 9- Sign 3 of a stroke
A third sign of a stroke is vision problems so please use 3 photos or more.

These old pics I found while digging through some boxes that were never unpacked.

Challenge 10- Sign 4 of a stroke
The fourth sign of a stroke is headaches, please use a photo that is pretty
much all face.

Challenge 11- Sign 5 of a stroke
The fifth sign of a stroke is dizziness, so please use swirls on your

The first one I did over at the Flying Unicorn was the "stitch it" challenge.
We could have two entries into that challenge.
This was my first one.

This was my second.

The next challenge was to scrap your Fur Baby. This time we were allowed 3 entries.

The next challenge required that you use 3 large hearts, 3 medium hearts, 3 small hearts and three types of materials. I used a chipboard flourish, the small hearts are organza, the large hearts are felt.

The next challenge was really quite a challenge in more than one way. The challenge was to use a transparency on your layout. Well getting a decent shot of the layouts was not easy at all, the reflections were awful so the pictures are not very good.

The next challenge was the "kissy face" challenge, here we were required to do a layout with a photo of a kiss.

I have a few more layouts in the thinking stage but that is as far as I have gotten with them yet :)


SusieJ said...

Wow Jackie! You have been busy.
Loving all your LOs but esp. those featuring Jack! We have to spell the word out (walk!!) otherwise Max is bouncing around with a waggy tail too.
Hugs xx

melody said...

wowza've been one busy scrappin happy chickie! awesome los and cards! i LOVE that 'kissy face' one...just beautiful and such a sweet pic! awesome work!

melody said...

ps congrats on your 'newest' addition to your home! that's awesome chickie! and yes...sometimes the weather sucks and there's 'always' some kind of clean up to do!