Monday, February 13, 2012

3 New Challenges

Well here it is the beginning of a new week. Oh my goodness where is this month going? It is just flying by so fast that I forgot to post my challenges yesterday. Can you believe that tomorrow is Valentines day already!!!!

I can't believe that on Friday my husband and I will celebrate 39 years together. It seems like it was only a few years ago that we met. I remember this handsome, black haired young man coming into the restaurant where I worked and I almost fell over myself trying to serve him. I had to beg the other server to allow me to serve her table because he was in her section and I wanted to meet him so much. After the first night he always sat in my section but he never would ask me out and I was starting to get frustrated. He always came in with his friend and after about two weeks, his friend says, we are going to the Lakehead friday night, wanna come with us? Well any girl in her right mind would have thought, here is two guys that I don't even know their names, I don't want to go with his friend I want to go with the other guy... they are talking about driving almost 400 miles away from home for a weekend... but did I think any of that...NO!!! All I could think was "if I go with his friend maybe I can get with him... geesh I didn't even think I might be working...
when love comes in, common sense flies out the window!!!
Anyway, it turned out that the one I wanted was the one who wanted me to go but was too shy to ask me... YEAH!!!
We left the Soo for Thunder Bay in good spirits, 3 people in a little two seater sports car.. nice little Opal.. just a little ways past Wawa and suddenly we were going over and over and over... that baby rolled every which way to Sunday. The Tie-rod had broken and Mike (the other guy was driving at that time) lost control of the car... we rolled down 450 feet of rock and the car landed upside down on a railroad track. Somehow we managed to get out of the car and climb up the steep rock to the roadside (Mike had his shoulder broken) where we waited what seemed like forever for a truck to come along. The driver and Alan maneuvered Mike and myself into the bed of the truck because neither of us could sit up and the driver took us to the closest hospital.. by which time I was out cold. When I came to the doctor told me that my husband must love me very much because he wouldn't leave my side the entire two days that I was out. Love his heart he didn't know my last name so he told them he was my husband.
I still kid him that the only reason he married me was so I wouldn't sue him LOL
We have been through a lot together in 39 years. We have done the for better and the for worse. We have done the in sickness and the in health. We have done the bitter fights and the making up. But when we said our "I do's til death do us part" we meant them and death is the only thing that will separate us. After all, Love ties us together and love is stronger than anything else.

Oh yeah, I got sidetracked..I was talking about challenges. The challenges that I have come up with for this month are close to my heart, you see my darling husband suffered a series of strokes back in 2004 and we thought we were going to lose him. Only through a lot of hard work on his part is he where he is today. He was unable to even sit up in bed or even feed himself at first and it was so hard to watch him unable to do anything. But he worked feverishly and now he is practically back to normal. He doesn't have a lot of stamina so can't do a lot at one go but he can pretty much do everything he could do before.

Challenge 6-Stroke
9 in 10 people are at risk of having a stroke.... use nine brads or buttons
on your layout. (or a combination of brads or buttons)

Here I have used nine buttons. These were some of the snakes we saw at the Ontario Science Center this summer.

Challenge 7- Sign 1 of a stroke
One of the signs of a stroke is weakness so please use pale colors on your

I love the chance to use pale colours on my layouts, especially when I find old pictures like this one. We had just received a parcel from my sister who had made a bunch of dresses for my daughter and she was trying them all on.. this was her favourite one.

Challenge 8- Sign 2 of a stroke
Another sign of a stroke is trouble speaking so use at least one full
paragraph of journaling on your layout.

I don't know about you but I sometimes find it very difficult to do a lot of journalling on my layouts. Others it seems like I never have enough room for all I want to say like on this one. This was one of those days when nothing but Daddy would do.


Kelly said...

Jackie, what a beautiful love story. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the challenges too. :-)

Colleen said...

Jackie how fun and interesting to know how you met your husband. Beautiful love story on this Valentine's Day.

awesome layouts as well.

Carla said...

Awww, what a neat story! Never heard about how you met before :-)

regulargal said...

Lovely creations from you! Love your story - you should really scrap that!