Saturday, January 29, 2011

More Challenges, more fun!

Last week we bought a new van, Dodge Caravan. Okay so it wasnt a new van but it was new to us. It just had a new motor and new transmission put in it and it was a good deal. We bought it from our best friends son who happens to own a respectable garage here in town. We know that he would not sell us something that isnt any good. As a matter of fact, at first he said he had a Montana for us but after giving it a good go over, he said no, it would not be any good for us because he suspected it would nickle and dime us to death.

Anyway, today we decide to drive to Windsor, about an hour away. We have to pick up Alans camera at the repair shop and I need to do some scrappy shopping. So Im motoring along the 401 at 120 clicks an hour when all of a sudden...BANG.. the van lurches but that was all, it kept going and nothing to indicate any problem. We get into Windsor and I notice that the van doesnt have any get up and go pulling away from the intersections. Anyway, we get to the camera shop because that is on the way to the scrappy store and for some reason instead of just pulling in head on which is how I always park, I pulled around the back way with the front out... never ever have I parked like that before. So we go into the camera shop and pick up the camera, Alan just beaming because now is camera is finally working right once again and come back out.. start the van and pull it into drive but the darn thing wont move. I put it into reverse.. no go.. the tranny was locked up solid.

I went back into the camera shop and the guy was nice enough to allow me to use his phone to make a long distance call to Terry.. he wasnt in so the other guy had to locate him meaning I had to call back. When I called back, Terry was there and wanted to know exactly what had happened so I told him. Anyway, he called the local towing company here in Wallaceburg and sent them to Windsor to pick us up, but I had to call them to tell them where I was. So we had to sit there in the van for two hours waiting for them to show up. LOOOOOOONG Day!!! NO Shopping :(

However, we feel very lucky indeed. Number 1, we didnt break down on the highway. Number 2, the guy at the camera shop was so kind. Number 3, Terry is such a nice guy and is taking care of all the costs(the tranny is covered by warranty), the tow and the cost to install a new tranny. Number 4, the fact that for one time in my life I parked front out instead of head on, and the tow truck could access the van. Yes, I think God was looking after us today.

However, it was a long bumpy ride home sitting in the middle seat of the tow truck. For some reason they dont use the 401 so we drove the back roads which makes it a much longer trip and with that big gear stick in front of me I almost needed to wrap my legs around my head... I was glad when we got home.

Anyway, enough of my troubles and on to my creations LOL
Despite this being a somewhat disappointing week I have managed to finish a few more challenges from WeScrap.

I did a couple of sketch challenges. The first one was the January 8th sketch.
This is the sketch.

and this is what I did with it. I used MME paper and I cut the edge with a border punch from Fiskars. The brown edging I cut with my scissors. I cut the flower and the title with my Expression. I used some stickles on the flower. I also used alpha brads to spell Sibling down the side.

Next was the sketch from January 15th. Here is the sketch.

and this is how I used it. Oh my goodness I had fun doing this one. I cut the title and the flourish with my Expression. Then I embossed them with Fall Fiesta embossing powder. I used Cosmos Cricket paper(love me my cosmos cricket). The flower is from the dollar store as is the bling.

Next I did a colour challenge for January 10th. Here are the colours.

This is what I came up with. Everything on this layout is old from when I first started scrapping. The paper is from my scrap tote. I have no idea where the black felt flowers came from or the ribbon either. I did the title in Paint Shop Pro and then cut it by hand. I put a little black stickles around the edge of it. The journalling block is a digi block from the Shabby Princess,Spontaneous-Delight collection,that I printed.

I think I have all the challenges done on both the forums. Tomorrow will bring two new challenges though. A sketch challenge at WeScrap and a card challenge at SOS.


Colleen said...

Jackie what a day you had. You had some angels looking over you. Sorry you didn't get to scrappy shop though.

Great layouts and so glad you still felt like scrappin when you got home.

Bev said...

fabulous Layouts.. love them all .. so much fun to see your work and find you here.

regulargal said...

Oh, aren't vehicle troubles horrible? We've had a couple over the past year or so too - unfortunately ours weren't covered under warranty like yours! Glad you had such great service and it worked out like it did.

Great sketches - TFS!

melody said...

awesome los chickie! lovin the title 'in my father's eyes' precious! great to see you gettin scrappy happy!