Sunday, September 5, 2010

I am finished!

I did absolutely nothing today but scrap. Phone kept ringing but it was the boss and I knew what he wanted and since I cant say no to them, I refused to answer it. I know I am terrible, but I really really dont want to work tomorrow. I want to go to Rhondeau instead. It seems like forever since we have been there.
I finished off the pictures from the Bird and Reptile Kingdom today. I am a little disappointed that I didnt get all the names of the different lizards, I missed a few of them. Oh well, I didnt get the names of the birds either so I guess I just will have to deal with it.
I did one as a double pager and used some really old paper for it, but I like the way it turned out. This layout has the ugliest bird I have ever seen as well as probably the prettiest.
Click on image for a larger view.

These are the Lizards, one snake and one frog..the poison dart frog. Most of the lizards were just roaming free, a couple were behind glass. Once again I used paper that I have had for a long time. The flowers were cut from the paper.

This is a couple of shots of the inside of the building.. such a beautiful place. Multiple levels but in an open sense. You can see what I mean with the ramps.

Next I will start on the Botanical Gardens. It will take me a long time to get all those pictures done. I know, I should just pick out some but I have a hard time doing that, they are all special to me, that is why I took them after all. LOL

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melody said... that two pager with the kewl! it great to see you're gettin out and snappin those pics chickie!