Thursday, September 9, 2010

Perfect Health

So that is the report from our doctor. We had an appointment with our doctor today and he went over all our tests with us and gave us a clean bill of health. Even our blood sugars are in a good range for a change. I was a little worried about that one since we have been eating a lot of banana splits lately. Yeah, I know we are bad. Alan do have to go for some kind of scan on his neck because of an Occlusion from when he had the strokes. The doctor wants to check that out and find out how serious it is. Like my gosh, he had those strokes way back in 2003 and they are just checking it out now!!! I swear I will never understand doctors. I must say though that this doctor is new to us, we just recently switched doctors this year and maybe if we had this one all along, maybe he would have had it checked out years ago. The doctor we did have was so busy it would take us a year to get an appointment to see, yeah its true, if we had to book an appointment to see him, he would be booking for the next year. Also if your appointment was for 1 in the afternoon you could count on getting in to see him around 4 or 5. So when we had the chance to change to this new doctor, we took it. So far he seems like a very nice guy who has our health in his concern.

Well my co-worker is getting married on Saturday. I hope we have a nice day, she is getting married outside so I hope the sun shines bright for it. However, her getting married means I am going to have to really work next work. I sure hope I can do it, I am only used to working every other day and dont know if I can keep up with working everyday for full week. I start tomorrow and work friday, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, thursday, friday, and saturday. I would have had to work wednesday too except I have an appointment with my shrink that day.

I dont think I will get much scrapping done next week at all. Too bad because we are in the midst of a Schools In crop at ScrapDango which I am loving, and Saturday WeScrap is having Fast Times as WeScrap High.. I am going to miss that one and I really did want to play :( Scrappin Mojo has a crop coming up in October. Why must work interfere with our fun!

Here are a few layouts I have completed for challenges.
Please click on the image to see a larger version.
This is Niagara Falls at night, I really should have used my tripod for these pics.

This was for a challenge that required,picture of an animal, misting or paint,technique, use of an xacto knife, sewing, and a journalling spot. I spritzed the card stock with glimmer mist. I made a ric rac flower (didnt turn out so great), the other flowers were cut with my xacto knife, I sewed around the heart and also used the heart as my journalling spot.
The photos are of Missi displaying a side that no one ever gets to see other than me and Alan. She loves her daddy and that is how she spends her time, cuddling with him in his chair. If any one else comes into the house she disappears unless it is our DD, then she appears and spends her time growling and hissing. We have no idea why she hates Janet so much but she sure makes sure that Janet knows it. LOL

And here I have made a start on the Botanical Gardens.

Alan seems to be a magnet for animals, especially cats. This cat was roaming around in the gardens and as soon as it spotted Alan it headed straight for him and was soon curled up being petted and purring like crazy.

That is all for now, it might be while before I post anything else. Have a great weekend.


Colleen said...

That is awesome news about the good health.

I agree, why does work have to ruin all of fun scrapping time.

Great layouts.

Colleen said...

Jackie the cart I believe was Walk in my Garden but I used the MTC to cut it out. I don't have many carts so with MTC program I don't have to own them to be able to use the carts. I hope that makes sense

Colleen said...

MTC is kind of like the program you have but so much easier to use. If you have Design Studio, any cricut cart that has been made will be listed there and you can use anything from there. It takes some copying and pasting but it works great. Right now cricut has sued the guy who makes and sells the MTC so we shall see. I love the program and he gives free updates to the program and doesn't make you buy them like SCAL does.

Shannon said...

Great layouts Jackie!!

melody said...

glad to hear things are better with the change in doctors jackie! that's awesome!

great los! love the pics in the niagra falls one ~ so kewl with the different colors!

great to see your work again! and thanks for popping by my blog and the lovely comment