Sunday, September 5, 2010

Birds birds and some more birds!

Just in case you cant tell, I love birds. Of course I love every animal that I have ever come into contact with. I am terrified of some of them but that does not mean that I dont love them. Snakes for instance, they scare the heebeejeebees out of me, but I still think they are awesome. There is just something about all creatures that draws me in, they are all so different. I just cant for the life of me believe that they came into existance from a big bang.
I have been scrapping the bird pictures that I took at the Bird and Reptile Kingdom in Niagara Falls. I have loved just looking at the pictures while I scrapped them. I also scrapped some pictures of the bears.
The bears were in like a dug-out filled with water and the people were dropping food down to them. The bears were just snatching for the food as if they had never eaten anything for days.

These birds are just the cutest lil things. I so enjoyed watching them flit around hither tither and yon!

I have about three more pages to do to the Bird and Reptile Kingdom.
The children start back to school on Tuesday and it will be the first day for Samantha so I am anxious to hear all about it and to get back to school photos to scrap. When Janet put Samantha in Day Care she told her it was play school and Samantha was so excited that she was going to school, I cant imagine how excited she must be now that she is really going to school.

My co-worker is getting married next saturday, so I am only working one day next week. The week after though watch out! I am working every day, dont know how I will handle that, I am only used to working every other day. Not sure I can handle working more than two days in a row but I guess I will find out.

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melody said...

beautiful photos jackie...and have some rawkin kewl designs there! you go girl!