Saturday, September 25, 2010

All Shook Up

I got the fright of my life at work the other day! Alan is always waiting for me when I get off work but when I finished the other day he wasn't there. So I just figured he got tied up in traffic and I had a smoke while I waited for him. Still no Alan so I pumped a couple bottles of propane and waited a little longer. After 15 minutes I gave him a call, no answer, so I figured okay, he must be on his way. But then the phone at the store rang and it showed it was coming from my house. I answered it but there was no one there, I could hear the TV in the background but no one was speaking. Well, the only thing going through my mind was that he had had another stroke and couldn't speak. So I am yelling at him, cough, make some kind of noise do anything so I can hear you.. after all he had to have been able to make the phone call. But no, nothing just the open phone with the TV going in the background. I was frantic! Sophia was gone with their van so the boss couldn't drive me home.. I had to call a cab and wait for it. Just as the cab came pulling into the lot, Alan pulled in. When he tried to phone me from home, he had a dead phone on his end. He said he couldn't get anything on it, just dead air. He had fallen asleep and when I called, I woke him up but he didn't get to the phone in time so he called me back to let me know he was on the way but when the phone went dead he just came on to the store to get me, not knowing how frightened I was. I think it took me the entire night to calm down and get over the shakes.

The weather here can't make up it's mine. It knows it is Fall but wants to stay summer, so we are having a cold day, then a hot day.. never know what to wear. Today it feels like I should turn the furnace on but darned if I will... too early. Almost time to make a drive up north for some fall shots.

I have been moseying through my photos again and found some that I didn't know I had, or at least I forgot I had them. So of course they had to get scrapped. Been doing some challenges at the different scrappy forums that I am on. I don't think I would do any scrapping at all if it weren't for the challenges that keep me motivated.

This first one was for a sketch challenge and we had to use a mask. I hate using masks, I don't think they turn out very good when I do. I used a Heidi Swapp butterfly mask and masked the title, using Glimmer mist. These are photos that Janet took earlier this summer of Samantha on the beach.

The next one was for a challenge requiring we use a list on our layout.

This one required that we just use scraps of paper instead of using large amounts.

Another challenge required we use linear photos either horizontally or vertically on layout. I choose horizontally. These are photos that Janet took of Daniel that same day at the beach.

I am running low on some good paper, I think I will need to make a trip to Kilworth on Wednesday if I'm not working. I really do wish she would accept E-transfers as a method of payment on her online store, it would give me more money to spend on scrappy goodness instead of having to pay it in gas to drive all the way there and back.


Colleen said...

Oh Jackie! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog! It was a wonderful surprise and I'm missing all my boards, but have been so busy. I really need to get back to some of my own playing! Love the layouts and the misting on the first one looks fab! Miss you!

Bev said...

Hi Jackie.. so glad you popped in.. love your layouts.. we both love to follow blogs for challenges.. it is a great mojo starter and so much inspiration too.
So glad your story had a good ending.. much have been aweful... hugs Bev

melody said...

oh man..that would have totally scary about allen ~ so glad to hear he was ok. your los are rawkin chickie ~ i especially love the techniques on the first go girl!