Monday, October 4, 2010

All Alone!

That's right, I am now the only employee at work. My co-worker gave her notice this past week. I am torn because this could mean extra money for Christmas, but it could also mean that I end up getting sick again from working too much. I had a chat with my boss about the hours that I can and can not work and he said he don't want me to get sick so at least we are in agreement on that. The only problem is that he will still need all the days covered and I just can't cover them all. I don't know if he is going to look for someone else or not. The only reason he hired my co-worker was because they were going to Korea for a couple of weeks, up until then I had been the only employee... so I guess it can work out. We shall see.

Janet has been telling me that the older children have been making out their wish lists for Christmas. So far they sound very interesting, Cameras all around, Ipods, some kind of video game that I just can't remember for the life of me... whatever happened to the simple things? I know Donald wants a phone but he is just too young for that for a while yet, not til he is old enough to buy his own "pay as you go" cards. No word yet from the two younger children, I guess they haven't seen the christmas catalouge yet. hehe Nothing to choose from.

In the meantime I have been doing some scrapping, working diligently on my Falls photos. Skipping between the Butterfly Conservatory and the Botanical Gardens.

Click on Image to see a larger view.

I have been using my Cricut more and more. I love the SCAL program and find myself using it for my titles more than I do anything else. I have also been using it for cutting shapes and flowers. I have also been getting back into Adobe more and using more hybrid in my scrapping. Lots of fun!!


Colleen said...

Jackie they are all great but I love the first one, that is just awesome.

melody said...

again..what BEATIFUL photos ~ you ought to come and teach me! lovin the pp your using...yummy!