Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Made It!

Oh my gosh was I tired when I finished on Sunday night! Believe me I was ready for the two days off. I did enjoy the week though and can't say that I didn't. I was going to look forward to the extra pay but the van took care of that mighty swiftly by dropping the muffler. :( Seems it knew I had the extra money coming in and didn't want me to waste it.

I finally got the back to school pictures from my daughter. So naturally I had to scrap them as soon as I got them. The kids are growing so fast and it is hard to believe that even Samantha is in school now. Seems like it was just last week that she was a baby. Samantha is not in the group with the rest of them because she started on a different day.

I also found some other photos while browsing through and thought I would scrap them too. The first one I did for a challenge, it was to scrap a photo that was funny. I thought this one would fit the bill. The flash kinda washed out the border a bit.

This next one was for a colour challenge, we had a colour palette of pinks, brown, and green. Once again the flash washed out some of the title which is brown sticker letters.

I also did a couple more from Niagara Falls from the Botanical Gardens.

Now I have to go do some housework and get my laundry finished off because my two days is almost up and it's back to work tomorrow. :)


KerrynF said...

Love all of your pages Jackie! You have been busy.

Colleen said...

Awesome pages Jackie, you just rocked those photos.

Bev said...

awesome LO's love the colour combos..great job Jackie