Sunday, August 15, 2010

I took a vacation!

I did so, I took time off and we went on a mini vacation to Niagara Falls. We left here at 6:30 Wednesday morning and didnt get home until late Saturday night. Oh my gosh, we had such a wonderful time! We went cheap cheap cheap all the way so we could pack in as much fun as possible. We lucked out in finding a really cheap motel. Even though it was cheap, it was still nice. It was clean, served a free breakfast, and even had wifi. It was also close to all the places we wanted to go.
Wednesday we did the Falls and then we walked all the way to the Bird and Reptile Kingdom. Wow, what a joy! We spent hours in that in place! It was so amazing there is really no words to explain it. The birds were not caged, and it was nothing for one to fly right across in front of your face. Thank heavens for digital cameras because I would never be able to afford to get all the film printed from a regular camera. The birds were so pretty, but there was one there that I just fell in love with, it had a tail that was a least a yard long. The snakes and lizards were okay too but I am not really into those. hehe We also did the Floral Showhouse, it was so beautiful, so many gorgeous flowers! Kudos to the gardener and staff.
Thursday we took a ride on the Sky Wheel which is a giant Ferris Wheel. It has individual glass enclosed cars that are air conditioned. You get a fantastic view of the falls from this ride. They stop the ride at the top each revolution. When you start the ride they tell you it will make three revolutions but we made six. It was great and I really enjoyed it. We also went to the Butterfly Conservatory. Oh My!!!
I thought I was in heaven. This place was luscious to say the least. The layout of the place, the greenery and the flowers alone were enough to keep me there for most of the day, but the butterflies... oh dear, what can I say.. they were everywhere and I mean everywhere! Once again the camera got a workout. There were butterflies of every colour and every description. Some were astonishing when they were in flight but when they landed they closed their wings and were a plain grey.. frustrating. I got photos of them though! We also went to the Botanical Gardens, now there is a place where you can spend an entire day without much trouble. We walked and walked, took photos and walked some more. When I win the lottery I will have to hire that gardener for sure. I cant imagine the hours and hours of work that must go into that place. It is just plain beautiful there.
Friday was saved for Marine Land. This place was a disappointment. Such an expensive place and really not worth the money. We enjoyed the Dolphin, Sea Lion and Killer Whale shows but that was about it. I am not sure what we expected but certainly more than we got. It was fun to watch the Bears but really all they did was sit there and wait for you to drop food to them (food which you had to pay for), same with the deer.
Saturday we just took our time and drove home the back way and enjoyed the views.
We stopped at Janets on the way home and spent some time with her and the family. While she looked at all the photos we had taken.
Since then I have scrapped some more photos of my birds. I am slowly but surely getting my bird album finished. I counted today and I have thirteen more birds to go.






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Colleen said...

Wow, some more amazing layouts. Sounds like a great mini vacation to me.