Thursday, August 12, 2010

I Am Back!!!!

Wow, it has been a long hard road for the past few months but I have made it! I must say this has been the hardest breakdown I have had to come back from. During the month of December I went through three shock treatments a week and those drained me as well as reducing my memory to slush. They didn't help! I have gone through four medication changes, the last one finally worked. The hardest part for me was losing interest in everything. I just sat in my chair all day long waiting for night to come so I could go to bed. I don't want to go through that ever again.
About a month ago I finally started getting an interest in going back to work and that made me happy because I love my job. I have been there now for six years and I couldn't ask for nicer bosses. I love interacting with my customers, it is more of a socializing time for me than it is a work time. Last week I started to scrap again, FINALLY, that really bothered me that I had lost interest in that. I mean scrapping had been my life and the fact that I had absolutely no interest in it really got to me. I had been going through all my photos from Rhondeau Park and it hit me as to how many different birds I had managed to get photos of, so I started to print them. Then I went on auto-pilot and started scrapping them. It was like I had never stopped.
Here are the ones I have done so far:










This is obviously not a bird, but I had to do this one of my grandson. Isaac and Theresa were out on an adventure, they were throwing rocks into a stream when one of Theresa's rocks went awol and hit Isaac in the head. Of course my daughter had to get pictures of it to send me to scrap.

That is all for now. It is too hot up here to do anymore today. I am going downstairs where it is air condioned and much more pleasant. :)


KerrynF said...

And it is great to see Jackie.
You have been scrapping up a storm, they all look fantastic!!

Colleen said...

Jackie, not only to i love the photos I love the way you highlighted each one. Awesome work.