Friday, February 20, 2009

A Storm Is Coming!!!

The forecast is saying that a big snow is headed our way, 4-8 inches so they say. This is all supposed to happen tomorrow. Sure, while I am working. This means that the day is going to drag and the shift will seem never ending except for all those who run out of propane, those who should have gotten their refills today while it was sunny. But no, I am going to be out their in the blistering cold freezing my hinny, snow swirling to the point that I will be lucky to see the blasted propane cylinders, trying to hook them up and fill them while trying to be ever so pleasant.. all the while wishing them anywhere else but at the store. Oh well, at least this winter is almost over and the glorious summer is on the way. I heard that she has her ticket purchased and is at the terminal ready for boarding.

I have managed to keep myself busy doing challenges. Mostly blog challenges though. Seems that the different forums don't post a lot of challenges anymore. Not enough to keep me occupied anyway.

I have been doing the challenges for Thynner All Tangled Up. She has a wonderful RAK up for grabs this month so I thought I would give it a shot. It is the Nee Basic Grey Marakech Line, stamps and embellies. Awesome stuff!
Challenge #1 I would like you to scrap a photo or photos hat feature no people!! No children, friends, family. You can scrap pets, animals, places and things. Just not people!
For this one I did a layout of our dear friends dog, Jenny.

Challenge #4:I would like you to take your 6th folder and pick your 6th picture. Use this picture on a layout.

Challenge #5 I would love to see something or someone that you LOVE. I would also like for you to use the word Love on your layout.

Challenge #6 was a sketch challenge.

There are a few challenges that I have missed, I may try to do them yet but I doubt it.

I also did another challenge for Creative Scrappers. This time the challenge was to create a layout in black and white with a pop of one just one colour. This challenge was fun to do.

I found an old photo on the net the other day that I was quite enthralled with as it had my sister in it when she was a teenager :) Now let me tell you that there are not many of those around so it was my GREAT pleasure to print it and scrap. I can't wait til she comes for a visit at Easter, you can bet that layout will be on display. Ohhh I am so bad.

Well that's it for now. I will probably get scrap happy again on Sunday. New challenges will be posted by then. :)


Deanne Burton said...

Wow! You are on a roll!!! Awesome layouts!!!

DanaScraps43 said...

Hey Jackie girl, so nice to find your site and to finally see your work. Your layouts are wonderful. I tried to checkout your blog before but it wasn't up but I am so glad that it is now. It is awsome, I love the graphics. I tried to be in touch before Christmas so I could send you a card but couldn't access your email. So glad that I found you and your great work here. Look forward to checking it often.

~ melody zahara ~ said...

wowzerz girl ~ you've been busy! look at all those layouts! fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a lot of layouts. I especially like the black, white and green one. I'm hoping that your storm wasn't too bad.