Monday, February 16, 2009

My Thinker is Broken!

I always knew it wasn't working properly but now I am pretty sure it is completely broken. I was doing the week 3 challenge for the crowned competition at the Dango and I know we are not allowed to use sketches. I mean, I KNOW THIS.. we have talked about it. It isn't as if I overlooked it in the rules or if it was in small print that I couldn't see.. I KNEW IT for heaven's sake. I was so pleased with myself after I got my layout finished. In my mind it looked darn purdy, so I uploaded it the Dango and posted it to the forum and thought no more about it until I got downstairs and THEN it hit, I HAD USED A SKETCH. Darn darn darn and double darn!! Oh well nothing for it but to come back upstairs and start all over again. Like a perfect excuse to scrap the evening away ;)

Here is the first layout I did, I used a sketch from Creative scrappers for this one.

Here is what I came up with on my own. I am still happy with this one but not so much so as I was with the first one though.

I did this one last night for a challenge on a blog that I stalk, Creative Crafts and Stickers. I also love the way this one turned out... I just loved this sketch period. LOL


GinniG said...

Jackie, I love both of your LOs!!! I think we can all relate to not following the rules for a contest and having to redo something or missing out on a chance for the prize. :) Hang in there GF! You're doing great!!! Just think of it as practice for the next challenge. Hehe!

~ melody zahara ~ said...

whoa chickie ~ you've been scrappin happy ~ i think we've all been there at some point in time ~ glad to see it didn't get ya down..and ya kept on going. great los ~ love that last one of al! beautiful work

creative said...

Well done Jackie! Your thinker was going into overtime! Your layouts are lovely!!!

regulargal said...

Love all the ribbons!

And we all have those days when it seems we're losing our mind! lol