Friday, December 19, 2008


Finally today I got to order my new glasses and should have them by tuesday. Come on tuesday I say.So today I got up enough courage to ask the optometitrist what my vision was because I have heard others say theirs was 20/20 or whatever. So he checked my file and gave it to me straight up. Before the surgery I had 20/800, 20/50 with glasses, now I have 20/200, will have 20/20 with glasses so I guess there is a lot of improvement with the surgery. Now for those who were saying things like I should have been thankful that I had so much better vision.. (when I was complaining after the surgery about not being able to see).. 20/50 vision with glasses is still a lot better than 20/200 without. I am going to be so happy to be able to see again. I expect the first thing I shall be doing is cleaning my house from top to bottom because I can only imagine how dirty it must be, right now I can't see the dirt so it only gets a cursory cleaning.
I have done a couple of layouts too, yeah that's right, I haven't been just sitting here twiddling my thumbs ya know. I have scrapped in between the twiddling.
I missed all my friends at the Dango so I mosied back there and they were just their same old warm welcoming selves. They don't seem to be very busy though... maybe it is just me but it seems that everywhere is experiencing slowdowns anymore. Anyway, I did a couple of challenges for the Dango.
DT Challenge week of Dec. 7th Do some kind of masking.
(what's with this masking!!!! is everyone on the same wavelength?) Anyway I masked the title and outlined it with white Jelly Roll.

December 13th DT challenge for you this week is to scrap a holiday or winter tradition.
Lucy Chesna had posted directions for those wonderful origami christmas trees that I have been seeing so much of so I wanted to incoorporate one of those into my layout.

Of course the Apprentice is still moving along and we had WEEK 6 - TASK 4 WORD BUBBLES..This is a really fun way to journal as well. Create a word bubble here, print it off and use it on your page, I want to see a minimum of 10 words, atleast 3 different sizes and 3 different colors for those words too.

Joy joy joy..NOT NOT NOT at first I couldn't get it to work for me and had to get my firewall configured, still wouldn't work so had to download and reinstall Java. Fine now it works... ops couldn't get it to work with my printer. Okay work around the printer, use print screen and paste in Photoshop. Now it works with my printer. Yippee. Finally after about 3 hours I come up with my layout and then realize after I get it all done that she wanted all the words in ONE bubble..well too bad cause she's getting what I already have done LOL.


Pinky said...

YEA! for new glasses and I love the flourish on that LO! You are a scrapping queen, I am having issues scrapping through the holiday LOL

melody zahara said...

whohooo ~ so glad to hear your glasses are coming chickie! lovin that painted turtle adorable..yummy swirl and great job on the masking..i so gotta try that...awesome los chickie!

regulargal said...

So glad the surgery was such as success. Good news you'll have the glasses for Christmas as well.