Monday, December 22, 2008

Bored bored bored

I am so bored, I live such a boring life that sometimes I wonder what on earth I would do if anything exciting happen. I am sure it would give my heart such a shock that it would cause me a heart attack. Hey I can see now, I got my glasses today so I am spending some time just looking around and enjoying the nice things around me, like the pretty snow. Yes, I think the snow is very pretty indeed.
I have managed to do one layout, just the one that I did for a challenge at the Dango.
It was a sketch by Lucy Chesna. I love her sketches so doing a challenge with one of her sketches is not really a challenge. LOL

Now on the other hand this was a challenge but I did manage to do three of them and now I have a bigger challenge, trying to get the spray adhesive off my hands. So far I have tried soap and water, finger nail remover, soap and water, mouthwash, soap and water, finger nail remover, soap and water, more soap and water and yet it still clings to my hands.. the glitter should NEVER come off these snowflakes at this rate.


GinniG said...

Jackie, if you still have adhesive on your hands, try some Undu or Goo Gone. That should work without taking the skin with it! If that doesn't work, maybe some non-acetone nail polish remover. :) LOVE your new blog look!!!! And congrats on the glasses! I agree - snow is REALLY pretty! Especially when I'm not near it! Hehe!

jazsutra said...

Lovely new look here at yr blog jackie ;) Glad you have got yr glasses.enjoy the snow!Wishing you a blessed 2009,may it be filled with many many many beautiful days ;)-jaz

melody zahara said...

so glad to hear you're seeing better chickie..whohoo!
love that crane lo..beautiful..and WOW..that ornament is have addy ..right! love it!