Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas is over...

It is time to get back to our regular scheduled programming. I sure hope that means an increase in hours at the store. Oh dear, I have actually be watching television, yes, I have watched Law and Order, I have watched Without a Trace and I have even watched Murder She Wrote.. things are getting desperate around here. Of course I have my glasses now I can actually see to watch the television that is a bonus. :) I don't know when I have been so bored before.

We got ready on Monday to drive down to Janet's for Christmas with her and her family but only got a little past Dresden when the van started to overheat and we weren't able to get any heat in the van.. not wanting to take any chances on the highway at this time of the year we made the decision to return home. We gave it another try on Tuesday with the same results so we realized it was not in the cards for us to visit with them this Christmas. (I am not thrilled about this as this is now two things wrong with the van... this and the gas gauge gone.) So we spent our Christmas together but alone, Alan downstairs glued to the television and I, upstairs, scrapping. So for us this Christmas as been the same as any other day, nothing special. Oh I did get a bonus from Sophia and Mike with which I purchased me some scrappy goodies :)

I actually get a shift at work tomorrow.. yippee!!! Please pray that things pick up at the store so that we start getting more hours. This one or two shifts per week is playing havoc with not only my wallet but with emotional well being. With there being just the two of us, there is not enough house work to keep me occupied all the time and I just don't have enough to do. I can't scrap all day long and I am really starting to lose it. I can't keep interest long enough to watch television for very long periods of time, the same with reading or anything else I try to do. I really do NEED my job for more than an income.

Here are some layouts I have created since yesterday morning just to occupy my time.

I have another one finished but will have to wait until the tomorrow's light to get a photo.


melody zahara said...

merry christmas jackie! wishing you all the best in 2009 and may it be filled with lots of love, laughter and sunshine. so sorry to hear you didn't get to visit the kids on christmas ~ my heart is with you! and've been scrappy happy..awesome los!

JoanneK said...

So sorry your Christmas trip was ruined by vehicle troubles! These pages you did to pass the time sure are beautiful! Hopefully you can celebrate with your family when the weather cooperates as does the vehicle! Wishing you a very happy New year!

Anonymous said...

You sure have been a busy scrapper. So sorry to hear about your vehicle troubles. I hope you start getting more shifts at work in 2009. May you and hubby have a wonderful new year.

Colleen said...

Great layouts you've been working on! Your mojo has been in overdrive!

Hope things pick up and you get some more hours soon!