Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009

It is with great anticipation that I welcome 2009 and say goodbye to 2008. First of all we are going to be moving this month and while I am really looking forward to getting into my new place I am also dreading the actual move. God has been really good to us and has blessed us with a lovely little 3 bedroom house to rent. It is very tiny but the living area is much larger than the living area in this place. I will have a kitchen big enough to move around in, I will actually have to walk from stove to refridgerator and counters instead of just reaching. It will be the first time I will have enough room to put all the leaves into my dining room table, I may have to buy a couple more chairs since I only have the four and now will be able to use eight.
The bedrooms are tiny though and I will be hard put to fit my bedroom suite into the one room but we only sleep there so it doesn't matter if it is crowded. I will finally have my much desired scrapbooking/craft room. I will have a huge back yard to putter around in to my heart's desire and will be able to step out my door without worrying about stepping on my neighbours used syringes and hopefully will not be constantly haveing druggies knocking on my door because they are wanting the neighbours to buy their fix.
Like I said I am not thrilled about moving in the winter but I believe that God has provided this home for us so I am trusting Him with this move and that He will work it all out for us. I am trying not to worry and get all anxious about it. Easier said than done.
Once again I was double blessed, a dear relative paid to have my van fixed for me and is now buying me a new fridge and stove for the new house. God never fails us in our time of need. True he works through humans but He is the one who stirs them to do the good deeds and makes them what they are.
With each new year I always make resolutions and this year is no different but this year the resolutions are different in that they are spiritual.
I resolve that this year I will open my heart more to the leading of the Lord Jesus. To be more willing to "take up my cross and follow Him." I resolve to pray more and spend more time reading His word. I resolve to go to church more often. In essence I want to be more like Jesus, to allow His love to show through me. I resolve to allow Him to make a difference in my life.
For 2009 the word I have choosen is Listen. I want to listen more to what others have to say. I especially want to listen more for what Jesus has to say.
The year of 2008 was a good year. We did a lot of exciting things and had a lot of fun. Sure we had some bad times mixed in with the good but overall it was an exciting year for us and I am excited about this new year.
I pray that you will have a blessed new year too.


melody zahara said...

whoohoo glad you and al found a new place to live..what a blessing! i'm so happy for you both..and love your resolutions ~ hugs ~ HAPPY 2OO9

Colleen said...

So glad you found a new place.

Listen, what a great word for 2009.

I wish you all the best this year has to offer.

KerrynF said...

I hope 2009 is all that you are hoping for Jackie.
It is wonderful to have you back around at Dango, you were really missed!!
How lucky you will be to have your very own scrapping space.

Tara said...

Your year is already off to a great start Jackie!!

regulargal said...

Congrats on the house! Moving is always a pain, just do what you can and take your time settling in the new place. We've moved so many times but I always loved unpacking my stuff and setting up in a new place.
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Yea Jackie! A new place to live is great news. I pray that both of us keep our sanity during moving in the winter. I'm sorry that I haven't been by to visit recently, but things have been a little crazy. I enjoyed looking at your recent work, it is absolutely beautiful. You have such a talent at matching things together. It looks so effortless on your pages. Happy New Year to you! I owe you an e-mail and will be sending it soon!