Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Love My Life

The apprentice continues with the tasks getting harder and harder. Week 6 started yesterday with three new tasks. I know these days I am scrapping photos that I am sure I have already scrapped at some point. Oh well, so what who is gonna notice!
WEEK 6 - TASK 1 (Family)My challenge to you this week is to do a layout about someone you love, be it a family member or close friend. Just someone who makes your life complete or enhances your joy in some way.
Well the one person in particular who does that for me is Alan. I don't think I could live without him.. oh quit yer snickerin there bob.. and you ain't gettin no special treatment either.. I found that out when he suffered from a series of strokes. I thought my life had ended too. Anyway I choose to do this layout using a photo of him when he first came home from the hospital in a wheelchair.

WEEK 6 - TASK 2 Oh those Journalists!This is a simple task, follow this link and use the newspaper clippings on there to create your journalling.
You journalling must be atleast 10 sentences long, no cheating.
After much debating and after it was pointed out by many that the link would only take 10 lines not 10 sentences the BOSS finally consented to ten lines on this one and here is my creation.

WEEK 6 - TASK 3 MASKING **MASKING MUST BE FOR YOUR TITLE or JOURNALLING, so it must be letters or numbers, not symbols. Be creative, but show me those masked titles, titles must be a minimum of 10 characters.
This was by far the toughest one for me.. I am not good with the masking and can never seem to get it to come out right. The layouts usually end up so plain and I never know how to "spruce" them up after. I never the less perservered and came up with my Special Angel.

Goodness only knows what the Boss has in mind for us minions today.


Colleen said...

Again, you are way ahead of me. How does your mind work so quickly.

You did good on these challenges and your masking looks like you are a pro.

regulargal said...

You've been busy again! It's been fun reading and catching up on all your beautiful new pages. Great work again!

melody said...

aww..such a great lo of allen! what a wonderful love...and whoa..lovin those snow pics..awesome layouts chickie