Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Tea Party and more.

Way back when, well I just won't say exactly when... on my sister's 60th birthday, a lady from the church threw a Tea Party to help her swellerbrate. The party was to be a surprise and the invitations stated that wearing a hat was required. This in part because my lady sister always wears a hat and also because it was to be an English tea party. Well lands sake, what a fun party to be sure, especially when dear old sis, no pun intended, was the only one who showed up without a party hat so I ended up giving her mind. She was indeed surprised to tears, especially when her dear friend showed up all the way from Brantford. Janette thought she was just making a drop in visit on some friends and was quite surprised at the number of friends who were there awaiting her. At first she thought she must have gotten the address wrong. Anyway, when dear Kat gave us the WEEK 5 - TASK 4 BUTTONS AND BOWS challenge for the Apprentice I knew that this was the one I would have to do for it.
So here is my Tea Party.

Now for WEEK 5 - TASK 5 she pasted a few christmas poems for us to choose from and we had to use two photos, one of us and one of our stash plus one of the poems.
So here is my task 5:

I also recieved some holiday tips in the mail today and I thought that they were important enough to make a layout about to save for the future. :)

In order to read either the poem or the tips just click on the image.


Colleen said...

Jackie some more great work and I love that tea party story, how very special.

Great photo of you.

melody said...

lovin the design on that tea party lo! yummy! awesome work great so see you're scrappy happy!