Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Plodding along

I am still plodding along here. The grandchildren never showed up, I suspect that was not their doing though LOL. I don't think I am going to bother with decorating this year anyway, so much mess for nothing really. It's not like I do any entertaining and the stupid cat couldn't care less if the tree is up or not. She already got her Christmas present, a container of plastic balls with bells and guess what, she doesn't even like them. Sniffed at them and went back to the container. Stupid cat!!! Now on the other hand, that bag of Seafood Temptations, well now that is a different story. HEHEHEHE all I have to do is think of that bag and she comes running. All of a sudden she is my best friend if I have that bag in my hand. Traitor, that's what she is, she's no longer daddy's lil girl as long as I am holding the bag.. no siree.. she's mommy's pet then. Can't love me enough. I think I am going to get an entire carton of that stuff and have me a bath in it.. drive her totally insane. Bawhahahahaha. Tear up the carpet and spread it underneath and then lay the carpet back on top of it.. knowing her she would eat right through the carpet.. too bad it would just go bad underneath and we would be the ones to have to put up with it then.. darn good idea but for that. Of course I could make little sachets out of them and dangle them from the ceilings, just high enough that she could reach them with her nose but not close enough that she could get at them. Now that could be fun to watch. Although she's a pretty smart animal for a stupid cat, she would find some way to get them down.

Okay so I am going totally insane from boredom here. I don't know how on earth I am going to get through the winter. I can see that I am going to have to go over and bribe Sophia or Mike to let me work for free.. clean the store or something. Oh my gosh I can't just stay in the house all day everyday this is nuts!!!! There is only so much clothes to wash and with just the two of us in a small townhouse, only so much housework to be done. I HAVE to find something, just gotta or else.. the alternative isn't pleasant to think about. Okay back to thinking of ways to annoy the stupid cat.

I can't scrap because I am out of ink for my printer and can't get more til the end of the month... no work, no money :( I am also out of adhesive. I did find one photo that I managed to make into a layout today. I have no mojo for scrapping anyway, even if I did have the ink and adhesive. I need to win a lottery so that I can go on a scrap happy shopping spree to get me some supplies.. maybe that would bring back some mojo. I need me some pretties to work with LOL.
Here is the layout I did today. It is a photo I took last month when we were out for a drive.

I am doing a bit of crocheting but I don't have the patience to sit still for very long so it is going very slowly. I am almost finished the first doily so I am happy with that progress. I haven't crocheted in years so at least I haven't forgotten how to do that. Maybe I will buy me some yarn and give a sweater a go after... naw, that sounds like too much trouble for my poor brain, maybe some hats for the kids. Of course I could always dig out the quilt that I started to quilt for T a few years ago, it wouldn't hurt to finish that thing off... ooops, nope can't do that, gave my quilting frame to my sister, forgot that lil detail. Well I have the quilt top that I started to embroider, I should dig that out and work on that except for the little fact that it has been so long I have no idea any more what colours I was working with along with the fact that I have no interest in doing it.

Hmmmm, I think I will tie some treats in a sac and tie it to a string and torment the stupid cat for a while and then go to bed.


melody said...

lovin that lo chickie! that pic is gorgeous..love those fall colors..and yep..once again..love that butterfly and its trail..yummy! sounds like that kitty can really entertain..lol

creative said...

Sorry to hear the grands did not show :(

Your layout is stunning!!!

Colleen said...

That layout is just beautiful.

Stop picking on your poor little cat.

regulargal said...

Love those autumn colours, the page and pic is great. You really have a talent for this (ps tho - digital scrapping is soooo much cheaper!).

Jean Marie said...

What a pretty fall lo!!!

My goodness ...you and kitty have some love..hate relationship!!
So Funny!!!