Monday, December 1, 2008

Snow ... Where???

This is the second time that we were under a snow warning but we didn't get a flake LOL. So far I am enjoying this winter weather. We did get lots and lots of rain though. Oh my did it rain. It poured buckets and the wind was quite strong. It was perfect weather for scrapping and scrapping I did. I would pop a few tylenol for my headache, lie down til the headache subsided enough and then I would scrap til it came back LOL. I am making some progress on the Montreal album. I figure I should have it completed before winter is done provided Janet complies with my request to let me know where some of the pics are taken.

It is rather hard to scrap a page about something I know nothing about, but I will if I have to and let her fill in the blanks if it comes down to that. I am already to the point where I am leaving the journalling cards blank for her to fill in.
These photos are not the best because I don't have great light to take the pics but they will do. As is evident, Donald is a great Web Kinz fan.

I had to leave the journalling blank here because I didn't know where they were or what they were doing.

Donald really loved the pool in the hotel where they were staying. Janet didn't pack a bathing suit for herself so she had to go and buy one.. too bad there weren't other kids there for Donald to play with but he still had a great time by himself and with his mom.

Now here was something that Donald truely enjoyed as is evident on his face. However, we are not sure if it was really the bumper cars or the girl that really got him excited. LOL

Off to do somemore scrapping. Have a scrap happy day.


jazsutra said...

Beautiful pages there jackie.i will continue to pray for yr surgery.soree that i took so long to come by.for i had dificulty tracing back to you,for the chatbox i had in my old blog did not help to keep this back to my friendly blogsking now.i hope things are well with you.happy scrapping somemore ;)-jaz

Colleen said...

Those are just super pages. I love them all. You are really very talented.

melody said...

fabulous los jackie..i'm SO lovin how you did the butterfly on the first one...YUMMY! awesome work chickie..and heh..if ya get snow..keep it there! hugz

regulargal said...

Love these pages! What a great job! I just love that butterfly with the sparkles.

No snow here either and that's the way I like it!!!

Jean Marie said...

Wow!!!these are all so nice,Jackie!

Great job not knowing what to fill in the blanks with!!