Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Printer lies!

Despite it saying it is out of Yellow and Cyan inks, my printer is still printing pretty darn good photos. I think it is just trying to deek me out here. Needless to say I am not being deeked. HAHAHA Sure scared the dickens out of the stupid cat though when that thing started to print. Serves her right for trying to steal my lil piece of chicken, she had no business being up on my desk anyway. Bet she don't try that again for a good long time. (she'll probably sleep on my face again tonight to get even with me too)

I did four more challenges today trying to keep my spirits up and keep myself somewhat occupied. I forced myself to go slow and really take my time so that helped take care of a good portion of the day. Alan came home from the store earlier and said that my boss had said he wanted me to work today but he never did phone me... that was disappointing, I was really looking forward to it... and the extra bit of cash.

I thought it would help make my days shorter if I started going to bed at like 9ish at night instead of at midnight. Alack and alas, all that does is have me up at like 6 or 7 in the morning. Makes me extremely sluggish all day getting up that early. I feel like I never really wake up, more like sleep walking all day. So I guess I will go back to retiring at midnight again and sleeping til 8ish at least then I wake up with a pop. Boinnnnng I know I am awake and ready to rumble. Stupid cat knows it too and won't leave me alone, she wants me to go downstairs and feed her when she should know that I NEVER feed her, that his Alan's job. He has always fed her and always will. Can't figure that stupid cat out for the life of me. She hates me with a passion unless she wants something, then she gets all lovey dovey. We all know how much I love her... oh wait a cotton pickin minute, I do so, she's my baby and I can prove it.

Oh yeah, I went looking for that photo and forgot what I was doing LOL. You ever do that? Looking back at pics of the stupid cat when she was a kitten. She was so cute, playful and cuddly. Hmmm, things sure change over the years. Of course Alan will probably say that I was cute, playful and cuddly too when I was a ahem.. Kitten. (oh yeah, he is one of my most faithful readers he just never leaves comments for others to read)

Back to the blog and the real material. Challenges, yeah that's where I was, I remember now... Apprentice challenges. Man oh man that Kat is getting nasty with the challenges. She may not be intending to fire anyone but I believe she is trying to break us one by one and make us quit LOL. Those challenges are sure getting tough. She has posted ALL the challenges for week four but we have to do them in order. But now see, when the challenges get tough, I just roll up my sleeves and get nasty and tough too.

3 photos (exactly)
3 words in your title (exactly)
3 pieces of ribbon (exactly) - no smaller than 8" long

And, anything else you add must be in the amount of EXACTLY 3.
So okay, I can do this ... think Jackie.. come on girl... paper, scissors, trimmer... photos, ribbon... come on throw it out there and let it fall... oh yeah that looks good.. hmm embellies, I need embellies... pull something out of the hat... Wonderful! That one wasn't too bad. Oh Crap... supposed to have three words in the title not one.. think girl, yeah can do that... easy Peasy (gotta stop picking up slang from Mel).. okay now I can roll with this one....

WEEK 4 - TASK 2 Rolling in the Dough
For this challenge I want to see some creatively rolling on your layout, please be sure to explain what "rolling" items or techniques you used.

I have rolling in the title, rolling in the main photo (wheels),I also rolled the edge of the main photo, Rolled the edge of the paper, The large paper is rolling with circles, there is rolled ribbon, and if that isn't enough rolling to get me a bonus,the rolled ribbon is attached with rolling eyelets.

Here is a sketch that Kathy made based on a layout by Bryan (scrapbookHim). First you must use the skech exactly as shown and post your completed layout. Now you must turn the can turn it how ever you want, or just mirror it, but you must stick strictly to the sketch and tell us how you turned it. We will be pretty strict on making sure the integrity of the sketch is followed so make it apparent that your layout does this.

I choose to do a double page layout mirroring the sketch on the second page.
Here is the sketch:

My first page, They didn't need a title since they are a continuation of the Kahnawake Reserve pages. The sketch was perfect to scrap the rest of those photos:

My second page:

I have two more tasks left to do for this week. I am hoping to complete them tomorrow and friday since I am working saturday and sunday.


creative said...

Good Morning Jackie!

That is a great photo. you look fabulous!!!

Great layouts too!!!

Colleen said...

Looking great, you are doing great on all these challenges. I agree the rolling one was a bit of a challenge.

regulargal said...

My, you've been busy! Great pages as always, can't believe you get so much done. I'm in a scrapping slump myself and not doing much.
Yes, I'm from NL, Baie Verte area. You?

melody said...'ve been scrappy happy! awesome los chickie

Jean Marie said...

Fantastic layouts!!
Happy to see you and kitty getting along so well :)