Saturday, November 22, 2008

Touching base.

I am not being productive today at all when it comes to scrapping. I did managed to score 100% on my Bible Study course though, I am quite pleased with that. Two quizes so far and both of them with 100%. Of course I studied the Bible while growing up, it was mandatory in both school and in Church. We went to Church Sunday morning, to Sunday School sunday afternoons and then back to church Sunday night.. we had no such thing as children's church.. the children were required to sit through the regular service and behave themselves "or else" and we all soon came to know what the "or else" meant if we didn't. So we sat there and listened through boring sermons that we had no idea most of the time what they were talking about. We also went to prayer meeting on wednesday nights and we went back to young peoples service on Friday nights.. there was no quibbling about going, you just went, no arguement was allowed. Mommy had a hard hand when it was needed and if that failed, well, Daddy had a belt, PERIOD! I really never minded going, it gave me something to do besides that was where everyone else would be. I can't say I learned a lot though. My mind was never where it was supposed to be. Oh, I could probably repeat word for word what was said when I got home but give me a week and I wouldn't remember a thing. I was the same way with regular school.

That is the way it was for me all my life and to this day I only remember bits and pieces of the past, some snatches here and there. Some things I remember very clearly other things are like hazy little pieces that I am not sure if they are memories or something else.

So that is why I am so thoroughly enjoying searching the scriptures and learning God's word. Everyone once in a while I will come up on something and think Oh Wow, that's where this comes from.. or Oh yeah I remember is actually very exciting to me.

Now then, Finally about 3am the pain in my head left.. wow did it ever feel good to be able to move my head without the fear of that excruiating pain. My boss would only let me work for 4 hours today though he said "you no look no good better go home now" love his heart, I was getting a bit tired. I should be able to stand for the full shift tomorrow though but I hope he lets me go early tomorrow too because then I will at least be able to make the evening service if he do :)

Only 3 more days before I get my left eye done.. can we say "about time" oh my gosh I can't wait. I found out at my last appointment that he opted to give me better reading/close vision over distant vision in my right eye because at my first consultation he had asked me if I drove a lot to which I replied no, he also asked me if I did a lot of reading to which I replied no but that I do a lot of close work and am on the computer a lot. Now that kind of ticked me off because he should have asked me which I preffered as far as I am concerned.. I need the distant vision for my work (which I will probably be doing til I die) and can easily wear glasses for the computer and other close work, heck I have been wearing them since I was nine after all. Anyway, he said he will give me more distance with my left eye. That kinda worries me because to me that sounds like the same situation I am in right now. With my glasses too much distance in the left and not enough in the right and vice versa without them... which makes me very cross eyed. I sure hope he knows what he is doing or I will be going to dear brother begging for a loan and heading to Windsor to have the surgery redone by another surgeon.

Anyway, that's it for me tonight, its early but this body is weary.
Good night and God Bless you real good.


melody said...

so glad to hear you're enjoying your studies chickie! and i'm wishing you the best of luck with your next eye surgery! you know how to reach me..if ya wanna chat ~ hugz

creative said...

Awesome work on your tests Jackie! I will be thinking about you when you get your next surgery. I am sure things will go wonderfully :)