Friday, November 21, 2008

I have a Head that I will RAK to the first person who wants it!!!

That's right just tell my you want this crazy head of mine and I will gladly send it to you in exchange for yours. I am sure your's would have to better than mine. I have never had a cold before that hurt my head so much. I am terrified to sneeze or cough because I am certain that my head will shatter into little bits if I do. I don't dare take anymore Tylenol than I have already taken... don't want anyone to think I am ODing over a stupid cold now LOL. This is absolutely ridiculous I am sure I have no idea how I am going to work like this tomorrow, I am praying that it will be better by then.

It was so good hearing from you again Jen, Ally and Tara.. it made me so happy. Jen and Ally, I would love it if you could please email me with your snail mail addy's so I could send you a card once in a while. I already have Tara's :) I follow Tara and Ally through their blogs, but you dear Jen are not so easy :( I have no way of knowing how you are doing, how the children are doing, how is your eye coming along.. all the things that would be normal to talk about on CCAS. Is the new school going okay for the kids? Did your hubbys leg get all better or did he drive you crazy first?

I have been staying up to date with the Apprentice at the Lovebug so far. There is only one I haven't done yet, but I need a lightbulb to do that one, and I am not going to use one of my expensive "energy efficient" light bulbs for a challenge. LOL

Task 2 came in three parts, the first part was to gather our supplies, then we had to cut it up. Here is my photo of the cutup supplies:

Part 3 was to put it together. I was really pleased with the way this one turned out, Although I did have to reprint the photo because I was cutting a rub-on to put on the first one and the entire page fell on the photo and some of them stuck so I had to tear up the photo:

Task three was to create a layout using this ad for inspiration. I took inspiration from almost the entire ad:

and here is my layout:

Task four is the one with the lightbulb, maybe I will find a regular lightbulb lying around somewhere tomorrow.
Task five was a scraplift from this layout:

and this is my layout:

That's it for me today. I doubt I will get anything done tomorrow since I will be working. Have a blessed night and wonderful tomorrow.


Jacqueline said...

Wow! You have been busy. Love, love, love that snow layout!

creative said...

Great layouts Jackie! Glad to see you scrapping so much!

Sorry I am not a big blogger. I have tried but can't seem to get around posting personal stuff.

I will send you my snail mail address and an update on my life :)

How are your eyes doing?

melody said...

wowza've been scrappin great to see..awesome los! and there's jen ~ hi chickie!

Colleen said...

I think I will pass on your offer of a RAK :) Love the layouts and I am with you on the lightbulb, hoping my mom has one.

Jean Marie said...

Super job on the challenges Jackie!!
Love your lo on the ad challenge!!

Wow !!that must be some cold you have !! Hope you feel better soon!!

regulargal said...

Beautiful work again! Love your Christmas-y blog design as well!