Sunday, November 23, 2008

Beautiful Morning

The sun is shining and it really isn't too cold out there this morning. It is a beautiful day to just rest, relax and Praise the Lord. I do give him thanks this morning because Sophia agreed to my finishing work at 5 this afternoon so that I can attend service tonight. That makes me very happy. I really do hate missing services for the entire day, I feel that my week has not got of to a good start if I don't get to attend one service and get some refreshing time with the Lord.

I don't have much planned for today other than to work and then go to church. Maybe later tonight I will get some scrappy time in. I am hoping to either get down to Janet's this week or that she will get up here. I am hung up now on Donald's Montreal album until one of those two things happen.. I need to get more info on the rest of the photos before I can scrap them. LOL. I spent the past 30 odd years trying to convince her that as her mom I knew everything and now I have to prove to her that I really don't know very much at all.

Have a wonderful Sunday and don't forget to give to God what is His.

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melody said...

your right's always good to remember to *give thanks*..and i wanna say thankx for your friendship ~ hugs (so glad to hear your operation went well)