Thursday, November 13, 2008

Run Run and others

Well so far I am keeping up with the challenges. It helps that I am taking time from work. While I am at home I can keep the patch over my eye so it reduces the strain and hence I don't have a headache, but there is no way I am going to work wearing that thing.
Anyway I did challenge number 3 which was a sketch challenge, the sketch was by the talented Traci Boutilier. Here is the sketch.

Here is the layout I did from the sketch.

The next challenge was a Bad Hair Day challenge. Well there was no way I was scrapping my bad hair day.. not like I don't have them mind you. I mean why do you think I wear a cap all the time? Now I had this photo of the eagle just sitting there waiting to be scrapped and it seemed to me to be too much of a co-incident that she posted that challenge just after I printed the photo.. I mean this poor bird really was having a bad hair day!!! So I used it for my bad hair day challenge.

This one wasn't from the Apprentice but it is the LAST photo from the African Lion Safari adventure. With this layout my album is complete. YIPEEEEE!!! I can't believe that it took 42 pages to complete an album of a one day event. I am starting to stock up on albums now for next summers adventure. LOL I figure if it took a complete album to do a one day event, it is going to take at least 15 albums to cover the trip to Newfoundland next summer. After all we will be taking in side tours of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, P.E.I. and probably Quebec as well as all the stuff in Newfoundland. I have been lucky so far. I have been getting the MBI three ring binder type with the sleeve at the local Bargain Shops for $14.98, so far I have managed to gather up 8 of them and am considering myself quite happy LOL.

Okay, I'm outta here to find something else to do.


Colleen said...

Great layouts and I love the take on the bad hair day.

melody said...

awesome take on that sketch jackie..and great los..great to see you scrappin happy