Saturday, November 15, 2008


Yeppers it sure did. It rained, then it snowed, then it rained again. Can you believe some joker wanted me to go out and pump propane the driving rain... it was freezing as it was coming down. Not only that but the wind was blowing so hard while I pumped the propane the customer had to jump in his car and drive to the next town to catch my coat... okay so it wasn't quite that bad but you get the idea. I don't think I am ready for winter yet... brrrrrrr. Normally I am one of the first to look forward to winter but for some reason I am not really anticipating it this year. I would prefer not to see it at all. I guess I am getting old, naw... just not liking the cold very much. I refuse to age. Once winter actually gets here I will be tormenting Alan everyday to go down to Janet's so I can go outside and play with the kids in the snow.. just like I did last year. Well I have to have some excuse to go out and play in the snow, it just wouldn't be kosher to go outside alone at my age and start playing. They would call the guys in the white suits pretty fast if I did. I have never grown up where playing in the snow is concerned. I love to build snowmen, snowforts, slide and just run around and fall in it. I love snow. I don't like driving in it and I don't like working in it.

Well my apprenticeship over at the LoveBug is moving along. I have completed a couple more layouts and a couple of projects that I am quite happy with.
One of the techniques was to create a piece of faux metal and to use it on a card or layout.. now mind you mine didn't turn out quite like the lesson showed but I was happy with the outcome. I used it on a layout documenting part of Donald's Montreal trip... yeah I am working on that album now LOL. Poor kid I think he is starting to think that his ole granma is never gonna get that done.
I picked up these DMD papers really cheap, and I mean cheap at the $store in Chatham, a pack of 40 sheets for $3.59 and they are perfect for this album.
To make the faux metal, you cover the chipboard with metalic paint, after it is dry you coat it with elmer's white glue and while it is still wet you run it over a flame, then you wipe the soot off with a damp paper towel.

The next challenge was to make a gift box. I enjoyed doing this one. This is the first time I have cracked open my embossing powders in forever. Or for that matter my See D stamps of which I have so many and just had to have and most of which I have never used. Shame on me. Anyway this little gift box is so easy to make and I think I will be making up a bunch of them for Christmas gifts.

Now the next challenge was perfect for me. I was hard put to figure out how on earth I was going to scrap all the stuff that they brought home from Montreal. Most of it being things that I didn't want to stick to paper because it had stuff on both sides. Well this "project" took care of that problem so nicely. I stuck this to the inside of the front cover of the album, I am also creating one like it for the back cover. The page protectors are first stapled to the main sheet of cardstock, then a strip of pattern paper strategicly hides the staples, after that the next sheet of cardstock is folded around it to create a folder. The page protectors are perfect for holding all sorts of memorabilia

That is it for me today. Hope to get my mini album done tomorrow.


melody said... can keep the snow! but, stay warm chickie! love that faux metal..that's kewl! and've been scrappin it up ~ awesome work jackie

Colleen said...

Great job on the bonus challenges. You can keep the snow too, I am so not ready for it.

Jacqueline said...

Love what you did with that Faux metal!