Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another great day.

I have managed to do my mini album, a double layout to put it on plus a single page layout. All that besides attending church. I am quite happy with myself today to say the least.

The mini album was so easy to make and once again provided a way to incorporate numerous photos onto a single layout... 16 of them in the album to be exact plus three on the two pages for a total of 19 pics, not bad eh! I can see me doing another one too because it is the only way I am ever gonna fit all the pics into the one album for sure and I don't wanna leave anything out because if I do that is surely the time Janet will say "oh I wish you had put that one in" LOL.
Here is the completed mini album alone.

Here is the double page layout with the mini album on it. I am not too thrilled with the way the pics turned out here but too bad, its just the pic of the layout, at the least the colours on the actual layout are right LOL.

And here is the other layout I did. I used a bottle cap on this one, something I haven't used in ages. I cut a circle of matching paper and put in the cap, then I filled it with glossy accents and sprinkled some white "Glamour Dust" from Decor Art on it. Love the way it adds that little extra something to the layout.


Colleen said...

Great idea with the mini album.

melody said...

whoa..after telling me how ya did that mini is kewl! you should do a tutorial chickie! love how you added it to the lo ~ and yummy how you spiced up the bottle cap..awesome work chickie

Dryad said...

WoW! I mean....WOW...

I love the ... and the .... did I say: "WOW" yet??

Donald is gonna LOVE that album you made for him! He will want to go through it with you and tell you all about all the wonderful things he did while he was in Montreal!

I think it looks absolutely FABULOUS! I wish I had your talents, and your creativity.

You asked me the other day if I was into scrapbooking, and you thought that I had lost my drive to make pages. You were partially right. I LOVE scrapbooking...but really, what I love, is when you and I get together and do things that we both love to do.

You had said a long time ago, that you and a certain niece of yours got along really well because you both had the same interests. You and I seem to have parted ways a LONG time ago on things that we enjoy. Taking photos has ALWAYS been a passion of mine, (I was just never good at it until now), and doing creative things like scrapbooking and making Christmas ornaments together (and getting absolutely wrecked on $20 worth of sugar penny-candy in the process!) are two very special things that we do REALLY well together. In an odd sort of way, doing these things alone is cheating somehow. Like I'm cheating you out of something, and more importantly, like I'm cheating myself out of something special and almost sacred.

So in a way, I think you were right. I think I would find other things to do with my time if I were home alone besides scrapbooking. But that is because I have no inspiration if I'm not scrapbooking with my Mommy. It's just no fun if you are not there to say things like: "I don't think that colour looks very good...try this one", or "Ohhhh, I like the way you did that!", or even: "YUCK!" If we aren't shooing away the cat, sitting heads together over a rainbow of ribbons or an assortment of metal charms and bottle caps, it just isn't as much fun.

I love you, mom. And I can't tell you how much I appreciate the time, and the effort, and the pure love that you put into all the layouts and pages you have done. The words just don't exist.

Your Loving Daughter,

Jacqueline said...

Love what you did with the mini album! Aren't they fun?!