Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sickie here

I think I am going to have to kill Alan! He gave me his cold and I didn't want it. I told him he only has to share important stuff with me, like his money but not him no, he only wants to share the stuff he don't like. YECK, I HATE being sick. My throat is sore, my head hurts and I want my Mommy.
Okay enough of that.. I managed to do two layouts today so far. One for the Apprentice challenge and another for the team challenge at the LoveBug.

The one for the team challenge was issued by Sophie and she challenged "circles on your layout - at least 3 different types. " Once again I did a layout for Donald's Montreal album. This time it was probably one he doesn't want in there but he is gonna get it anyway LOL. For a good portion of his stay in Montreal, all he wanted to do was to go to stores to buy WebKinz and Janet was pretty upset with him. To have spent all that money to take him there when she could have stayed home and taken him shopping for webkinz much cheaper! So I figured it should have a place in the album too.

We have now entered week 2 on the Apprentice and task 1 was posted.. "create a layout based on the theme "If I Had A Milliion Dollars"." But it didn't stop there.. she added more...."anytime there is an "S" in your title or journalling, you must subsitute it with a $ instead of an "s"....and there has to be atleast 3 of these on your layout. So remember I don't want to see any "s"'s on your layout anywhere"

Well now I have my dreams, to some they may not be huge but to me they are totally out of reach, something I can only dream of. Ever since the first time I saw the Ford Flex advertised I have been wanting one.. yeah right! Maybe in 20 yrs I can get one that is 20 yrs old LOL. Also I saw this scrapbook storage system online and have wanted it so bad that I have even asked my brother if he could build one like it.. he said "NO" :( Of course it didn't surprise me because even if he could build it he wouldn't have the time. So here is my Dream$ layout.

Now I am going back to bed.


Colleen said...

I sure hope you feel better tomorrow. Great layouts again and again you are ahead of me on the challenges.

melody said...

sorry to hear you're sick jackie..and *bad bad* alan for giving it to ya! big hugs sent your way! lovin that first lo chickie..those circles rawk ~ and yep..i love webkins, too...awesome work! hope ya get some rest

Jean Marie said...

You have been one busy lady !!
Great los and projects,Jackie !!
hope you recover fast from the cold!!

JoEllyn said...

I LOOVE all those circles!!!!