Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lovebug Apprentice

That's correct, I am now a Lovebug Apprentice. The Lovebug Scrapbook forum has a scrappy good time going on from now til the new year so if you wanna get in on a good time, mosey on over there and sign up. This is what their announcement says:

This event will encompass a variety of things, including challenges, posting, shopping, games etc etc...maybe even some blogging if you choose.

All current, past and new members are welcome to join in the game and as always, no judging will take place. Everyone has an equal opportunity of becoming "THE APPRENTICE"

How will this be like "The Apprentice"?
* it will have tasks that you can complete or choose not to complete
* it will have prizes
* it will be challenging and fun

How will it be different from "The Apprentice"?
* absolutely no one will be fired
* there won't be any cut-throat antics, (but there will cutting of paper and there will be silly antics, of that I am sure!)

Oh and Krazy Kat is so much fun too so that is an added bonus.

For my first layout challenge I had to have 6 photos and at least 14 embellishments so here is the layout I did for that challenge. I took this layout straight from Scrapbooks etc, I loved it so much.

This is the layout I finished yesterday but too late to take a photo of it before it got too dark. I stole.. errr I mean lifted this layout from the Canadian Scrapbooker magazine. :) I am having so much time on my hands at the store these days that there isn't much to do but to browse through the magazines LOL


Colleen said...

Beautiful layouts. How did you get ahead of me.

melody said...

awesome los jackie..lovin those water pics! you're rawkin out the los..whohoo!