Saturday, October 11, 2008

Today is another day

I am not feeling quite so numb today, I am allowing myself to start feeling again today but a little bit at a time. I am not going to allow the world to rush right in on me. I just feel so very fragile right now and the sligtest little thing will knock me over again. I am aiming for something just breezy though. soo that I just get buffetteth around a bit instead.
All is not bad news though. I am grateful to my precious Jesus that he has seen fit to move through the eye surgeouns who were checking out my eyes. They have told me that they will not only remove the catarats from both eyes but they will replace new lens even though I don't have the $1000 per eye for the fabulous new lens... so once I have the surgeries done on the 29th of Oct and th 26th of Nov, I will be able to see better than I could see before with my glasses! God is sooooooooooooo GooD!!!!

All I want to do now is to go and cry. I want someone to scrapbook for, some who would apreeciate my work. I love scrapbbooking but whats the point of doing it if no one wants it or cares two hoots about what you are doing right? So that kind leaves me in limbo. I made that little circle album for my grand daughter as amemento of her time spent with us this summer and then ask DD to take a quick peek at it and let me know if she thought she would like it or not... she never did look. So I have no idea if Theresa will liie it or not; The enire idea of my blog was to post my layoust so DD could take a look and tell me what she though was missing or what she thought was too much etc tec etc... since they are all supposed to be meant for her in the end. Maybe she didn' think enough of them to make any comments so maybe they should all go to the garbage instead.

She is always saying she isn't ashamed of her mother but I am slowing beginning to think that actions speak much louder than words. This much I know. I won't be the one contacting her from now on.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you are feeling even a tiny bit better today. I have been struggling recently as well, nowhere near as much as you are, but still struggling, so I know how important those little victories are. What wonderful news about your eyes! The Lord does work in wonderful ways. Please don't throw your scrapbooks away. You do such wonderful work. It may be that your daughter just doesn't know what to say, I have family members like that. My own husband is that way, but he is the first to tell other people that I do it and to look at others' work and tell me that mine is better. Keep your chin up!

Big hugs to you!

PS - I tried to take your package to post office today, but it wasn't open. I'll be sending it out early next week. I hope that you like it.

Jackie said...

Thank you Sarah, I always seem to gather some hope from your little posts. Even through your struggles with your wee ones and your tiny community always makes me laugh a little.