Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Thumpity thump thump.. watch out stairs!!!

While the grandkids were visiting me over the Christmas holidays, my stairs got quite the work out, but none gave them quit the work out that Daniel gave them.  To say that Daniel talks non stop is putting it mildly.. that boy doesn't even shut up to take a breath.  He had his laptop upstairs and he was up and down those stairs every few seconds to tell me everything that happened.  "Grandma, I shot the 'whoever he was shooting at' <insert the shooting actions and sound> then I turned around and shot the other guys coming up behind me <whirls around while doing more shooting actions and sounds>" then he turns around and races back up the stairs to presumably do more shooting to run right back down to tell me what he did again.. this keeps up until bedtime, just to start again the next morning.  In the meantime I sit here at the base of the stairs listening to him talk non stop to his computer while he is playing his games....thumpity thump thump here he comes again LOL  Oh it was so much fun to have those precious kids here for a while.
I yelled STOP just as he reached the bottom of the stairs and snapped this shot of him before he had time to react and make his usual faces.
I created this layout for the sketch challenge and the "Scatter your glitter" challenge at Scrap Paper Scissors, and for the sketch challenge and the Pop it up challenge at the Flying Unicorn.

I really do need to get out and find me some more boy embellies.. I have precious few of them and I have more boy layouts that need to get done. If you have any suggestions for boy layouts please let me know before I pull out the rest of my hair okay. :)

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Pat said...

Great photo!! There is nothing like having the gks visiting!! Love your page!