Monday, January 20, 2014

Slip, Slide, Spin, Flip.. watch out Ditch!!!

     Hold on Kids, we are going for a spin and then the ditch!!  Those are the last words I yelled at my two grand daughters on Thursday night last week before we ended up on our side in a water filled ditch.
     I had driven to West Lorne to pick up Theresa and Samantha for a fun weekend and was on my way home when I hit a nasty patch of slush that grabbed my wheels and I lost control of my van. Nothing I did was going to get it back and when I went into the spin I knew we were going into the ditch but I didn't know it was going to flip over on me, that was a bonus.
     Samantha immediately started to cry and my heart dropped into my stomach, I thought Oh my Lord she is hurt!!  I asked her if she was hurt to which she replied "No", so I told her Okay, you are okay but it's okay to cry.  I asked Theresa if she was okay and she replied "I'm fine Nana, can I undo my seat belt to help Mantha?"  Love her heart, her first thoughts were to help her little sister.
     Now my 200 pound husband's first thought was to undo his seatbelt and open his door (he don't always think things through) well as soon as he undid his seatbelt, he fell on me, crushing me into my door with his shoulder crushing my face and head into my window cutting off my breathing. With his feet sticking up and the rest of his body pressing me down, there was nothing I could do to help him and little he could do to help himself.  I passed out from lack of oxygen and missed the rest of them being rescued but I understand that Theresa helped the men rescue Samantha and her Papa... she is such a great girl, I can't say enough about how great a head she has on her.  Once Alan was removed from my head I regained consciousness and was able to walk out the back door.
     I am happy to report that the children, once rescued, thought it was a great adventure and everyone was fine.  I am a bit stiff and sore but other than that, I too am fine.
     The van however, even though the body itself sustained no damage, is history.  The computer filled with water and is not fixable.  One cannot drive a van with the door locks locking and unlocking constantly and the lights flashing constantly and the electrical system going haywire.... sigh... I loved that van!!!
     Hey, we still had our fun filled weekend. :)


Pat said...

Oh Jackie what a horrible accident. So glad you are all safe & unhurt. Sorry about your van.

Pat said...

Hey Jackie here is a link to SWAT
Thansk for your sweet comments.