Sunday, December 15, 2013

Oh my Gosh!!

Can you believe that the month of December is almost gone already?  Where as this year gone?  Only a few more days before Christmas and it seems that last Christmas just past.  Okay, time for someone to slow down Father time... Mother nature are you listening to me?  Time is flying by much too fast.

Well at least this Christmas I am ahead of myself, much better than past years.. usually I am doing my shopping on Christmas eve. This year I have all my gifts purchased and wrapped and part of my baking done.  Well, okay, considering that both of us loves to eat the baked goods, no doubt I will have to bake more to replace it before Christmas gets here LOL

I do have good news to report as well.  Canada Disability pension as finally come through so that is a big relief.  Yes, we can finally afford to buy groceries and to now eat every day instead of every other day as in the past. It was a great experience to go to the grocery store and be able to shop for groceries without having to add everything up in my head and debate over which to buy, cereal or bread.. fruit or vegetable.. it was kinda heady LOL.   We actually took two carts and filled both of them, haven't done that for almost a year now.  I will even be able to afford to buy scrappy supplies, and oh will that be wonderful.

I have been doing a little bit of scrapping, not a lot but at least I have been keeping my fingers in the pie :)

The first layout I did is a picture I took this summer when visiting my friends in Michigan.  Jack and their dog, Bree, got along so great.  This photo is of them playing together.  I used a TCW stencil and  Liquitex natural sand for the background, then misted it with Lindy's mist.

The next layout is a photo of my two grand daughters playing in the park this summer. They were having a wonderful time.

Next up is a layout of my oldest grand daughter taken with her Grand mothers and her mother on the night of her concert.

My youngest grand daughter is an aspiring artist.  She loves to draw and do arty things so I decided to do up a box filled with coloring pencils and markers and all sorts of goodies for her.  Here is the box I made. She loves Butterflies and Bling.

We have a treasure of a neighbour.  He is always doing things for us.  So I decided to take him a bag of baked goodies for Christmas, so I decorated a bag to put the goodies in, here is the bag.

And to round things out, I also made a couple of cards.

That's it for now.. not sure what else I will get into before Christmas, so if I don't get back before then, have yourself a wonderful, blessed, happy Christmas.


Pat said...

WOW1 You have been busy!! beautiful work. Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Love the box, I am so into butterflies right now