Thursday, October 17, 2013

Going Nowhere at the speed of Light

     On Monday a cold hit me like a brick wall and I thought "oh no, here we go, I'm gonna suffer through this for at least a week or most likely two".  However, I decided to follow the advice that they always give us for a cold. Usually I just sip Pepsi all the time and the cold just drags on forever, with my head congested and the cough so tight in my chest that I feel like I am trying to cough up an iron lung. However, Monday night when the cold hit me and my head felt like it was going to explode out my ears or my eyes or both, I started drinking water and I mean guzzling it by the glassful at a time. I went to bed early and I rested. I kept water on my nightstand and everytime I woke up because I became congested I guzzled another glassful and fell back to sleep.  When I woke up Tuesday morning I was feeling pretty good. The head congestion was all gone, had a little cough but not bad, it was loose not a tight hard cough.  Anyway, I kept drinking  guzzling water all day . I went to bed early again and now I barely have any sign of a cold.  So, I am proof that "Drink lots of fluids and rest" is the cure for the modern day cold.  Who would have thought?   A 3 day cold and not only that but only about 3 hours of real suffering.  I have learned my lesson LOL
     This is the Art Journal page I did about my day. The journaling says: Today I have a cold, I feel like I am spinning my gears and going backward.

I used Lindy's mist on the background. Then I used a Prima mask and Martha Steward stucco, I used a Prima doll stamp and a mixture of Faber Castel products to colour her. I used a Spellbinders die for the gears and Stampendous embossing powders to emboss them.


Pat said...

Love that crackle mask! This is very cool!!

Jackie Clark said...

Glad you're feeling better! Love the vibrant reds against the dark blue.