Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Middle of Summer

     Oh my goodness, it seems like it was just yesterday we were wondering if summer would ever get here and now it is the middle of summer already... where on earth does the time fly?

     We had the loveliest summer vacation.  I have enjoyed a friendship with a wonderful lady online for years.  We have chatted on the phone, belonged to numerous forums but have never met in person before.  This July we went to visit her.  Now once before I went to visit a friend from online but her husband was not so friendly and Alan didn't have a very good time so he was a little off about this trip.  Well he needn't have been because Phil was a wonderful person and him and Alan hit it off great.  Colleen was just as wonderful in person as she was online.. maybe even more so.

     We took Jack, our little Shih-Tzu with us and when we pulled into the drive way I became a little concerned because suddenly there was this huge black face staring into my window.. a beautiful black but huge never-the-less.  I wondered if it would be safe to let Jack out of the van but went ahead and put him on his leash and opened the door.  Well, my eyes beheld a beautiful sight.  That big black dog went down on his front paws with his hiney wagging and went "beruff", Jack went down on his front paws and went "beruff"... I let him off his leash and two just went crazy having fun. With 3 acres to run around and have fun, Jack thought he had died and gone to doggie heaven.

Colleen came out to meet us and with huge hugs we finally met face to face and it was like a meeting of sisters who had been apart for a few years. The first night, we sat outside on the deck for hours just talking and talking and talking and.... well you get the picture.

When I saw Colleen's scraproom I kept repeating over and over "Lord I will NOT be envious, Lord I will not be envious.. oh dear Lord please help me I AM envious"... How could I not be envious, she has such a gorgeous scraproom with everything set up so she can "find" anything just by sitting there and taking a look around the room, no digging necessary.  Now if I need something I have to dig, I can't leave anything out because Lucky (the cat, now the name has even more meaning because she's lucky I haven't killed her for getting into my supplies) would have it all over the house and have it  lost.

Then she gave me a tour of her house... oh my gosh, what I wouldn't give to have all the room she has.. to be able to walk around without hitting my shins on the furniture.. pure heavenly delight!!! I do think though that Alan was the greenest with envy when he saw the garage... oh my goodness.  We could easily park our entire house in there and still have room left over.  Alan could play with all his wood working tools in there, he would have something to do all the time.  Yeah, I can honestly say, he was the most enviest.

Darn it, we never did get out on those go carts... I really wanted to try those but was a little scared to do it.  I think maybe one more day and I would have gotten up the courage to try them.  Sometimes I am like that, I need time to build up my courage.  I think they would have been a hoot and a half LOL
I think Alan would have enjoyed them too but I doubt he would have ever gotten on one.

Anyway, we did have the most wonderful time and I thank Colleen and Phil for their generous hospitality. They went out of their way to make sure that we had a good time.  Oh yeah, and thanks Bree for giving Jack a great vacation too. :)

On to the scrapbooking stuff.  It will be a few days before I will be doing any of that.  I gave my dining room furniture to my fabulous niece so when they pick it up on saturday I will be moving my scraproom downstairs and once I get it setup down there, I will get back to scrapping again.. not before :)

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