Thursday, April 11, 2013

A little here and a little there.

Nothing earth shaking happening in my neck of the woods. Of course from where I sit, I can't even see any woods LOL.
I miss that about Newfoundland, where I lived in Newfoundland, right across the road from me was woods that went on for miles and miles and miles. As a child I played in those woods, picked berries in those woods and loved those woods... Never thought I would miss them but I do. On the other side of our house was the bay, we just went down over the bank and we were in the beach and we played down there a lot too. It's funny to think how our parents never worried about us getting lost or drowning.. we were just kids 6 or 7 and we played outside all day without them knowing where we were.Did parents just not care back then or were kids more responsible? Interesting to think about. I can't imagine a parent today allowing their children to be gone all day especially playing in the woods or down by a lake without having someone older with them.

Anyway I digress. Sometimes I do get lonely for home but it isn't home anymore, Ontario is my home now and has been for many years. I really have no desire to go back to Newfoundland, nothing calling me back there.I would rather go out west and see the parts of the country that I haven't seen yet.

This being retired is okay for some but after the first couple of months it is not for me. I am going crazy sitting at home with nothing to do. I really enjoyed having day after day to scrap and be online for the first little while but scrapping so much like that took the enjoyment out of it and I got bored with it. I dislike watching tv but the past few nights I have found myself watching "Bones", "NCIS", "Law & Order Criminal Intent", "Law & Order SVU", "Murder she Wrote", "The Mentalist", and even some "Texas Ranger"... yeah we can call that bored.Texas Ranger I don't like at all, and The Mentalist comes in a close second to that. The other ones are okay it is just I have a problem sitting still and making my brain follow the plot. But then I have a problem making my brain understand a lot of things.

I did a couple of pages for my art journal that I would like to share with you.
I did this one for Easter. I have a ton of Victoria graphics and I love this cross.

I also love this boot.. can't imagine having to do up all those buttons though. I used texture gel and coloured it white then shook some diamond dust on it to give it the appearance of snow. I did this one to sybolize my kicking my bad thoughts away.

I did this one to represent my desire for spring which appears to be never going to show up around here.

I saw the slogan "Live life in Full Colour" and thought I would do a page in my journal for it.

At the Flying Unicorn they have a challenge called paper tearing, so I created this layout for that challenge.I was thrilled with the way it turned out.

Lucky wanted to help me with my photo printing so she was trying to get the photo out of the printer, she had a problem though, everytime she put her paw in, the printer head would go across and hit it making her pull it back out. She was fine with my printer because whatever you are printing slowly makes its way out of the printer as it prints. However, when she decided to help Alan it was a different story, the paper stays in the printer until the printing is finished and then the printer spits it out. Lucky must have jumped 6 feet. It was so funny. I wish I hadn't put down the camera when I did or otherwise I would have had the shot of her jumping.

Now the printer isn't the only thing that caught her attention. When I did some cutting with my Expression, she became extremely intriqued and couldn't take her eyes off it. Being aware of this, I quickly closed it up which I normally don't do but Lucky will walk on anything or JUMP on anything and I didn't want the tray broken off. I also grabbed my camera and followed her movements cause I knew she was up to no good. Suddenly she spotted the cartridges on the shelf... hmmmm they should be on the floor was her way of thinking. She tried pulling them off but they wouldn't budge which meant she had to jump up there and push them off... not a large space so she had to be careful. Well she got up there but when she tried to turn around to start pushing the cartridges, they all started to fall, her with them. It was just too funny.

I also did this layout of my darling Samantha.. Just couldn't help myself LOL


Pat said...

WOW!!! You have been busy! Lovely work. I especially like the the yellow one with the fence & the little finch.

Colleen said...

Busy little bee, wow. Some awesome work.

melody said...

hi ya jackie! wow...lots of creations! lovin your journaling page...and that last lo is a beauty! great to see your work again...and thanks for stopping by my blog ~ hugs! hope you and your sweetie are doing well...xoxo