Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Learning to spell.. or using the Alphabet

I am moving right along on my "On me A - Z journal. I am really enjoying this, I like that it gives me everything and I just need to put it together. Since I don't have much of a design mind, this is very helpful LOL

So let's get with the list here. The next one up is C.. Creativity.
The technique for this one was to use water colour paint and salt. I used acrylic paint and salt. I think it turned out pretty good, I liked the results. I used Gelatos to colour the grass, trees, sun and sky. I used texture gel for the path and then used Tim Holtz distress marker to colour it. I used the watercolour technique on the tag.

Next up was D..Decisions.
This time the technique was using bubble wrap to stamp with. I had a lot of fun with this challenge. I did some masking with bead gel... I screwed up the bottom left of the page where I tried to do a gel transfer so I "fixed" it by adding some texture paste.

E..Emotions was a hard one for me to journal about because my emotions are kinda raw at the moment. The technique for this one was to use a collage.  I used a collage of butterflies. I painted the rainbow with Tim Holtz Distress markers, then I used a mask and MS stucco for dimension.

Fitness.. well now I am not big into fitness but I went ahead and did the page anyway. The technique for this page was to use watercolour and bubble wrap lift... I love this technique. I also used the plastic wrap lift technique too.

G- Goals... yeah right, I never set goals. Goals are something that will always have something pop up to make them impossible to reach.  I have things I would like to accomplish but that said, they will probably never happen. The techique for this page was to use doilies as masks.

Humor, I never noticed til I posted that I had it spelled wrong!!!  Oh well, that strikes my funny bone and makes me laugh.  I am blessed with a great sense of humor and can see the funny side of most anything.  The technique for this one was to use a fruit or vegetable as a stamp.  I used an onion and was intrigued with the result.  I also cut a bird and flower  from the potato and made stamps with those... interesting what you can do with what you have on hand.

Interests.. simple enough technique for this one.. use foil. I used a Spellbinders die to cut some birds from foil.  Thought that would be pretty appropriate for this page since birdwatching is no 1 on my list of interests/hobbies. I also used pieces of the doilies I had used earlier for the maskings.

Life is a journey and for this page we were to use the watercolour and plastic lift technique.. since the next two pages were side by side I decided to do the pages alike.

 Kindness, technique required was to use a doily on the page.. as you can see I also used the watercolour plastic wrap lifting technique as well.. and I used a doily on the other page.

I did the Mojo Monday sketch challenge from the Flying Unicorn. Like every other animal we have ever owned, Lucky didn't take long to find Daddy's chest was the ideal spot to cuddle up.

Well that's it for me for now... off to see what other damage I can do. I should go to bed cause I have to work tomorrow but who needs sleep?

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Pat said...

I am really loving your journal pages. Your LO is gorgeous!!