Thursday, February 7, 2013

Faith booking.. Journalling my faith~

I happened to come across this site that fitted right in with how I was feeling. I had already told my friend, Colleen that I wanted to make my art journal more of a faith journal but wasn't sure how to go about that. This site is fabulous for my purposes. It is called On me from A - Z and each day you get a Letter and a word to go with it. Then you get a quote, a Bible verse and a technique and journalling prompts. All those things about that one word. I have found it quite inspiring and helpful. I have certainly been enjoying it even though I have only done two so far and have a few more to catch up on.

The first one was about Adventure and the technique was water bleaching and I loved the outcome.

The second one was about Believe and the technique was colour doodling.. now that was quite a challenge for me because I am not nor never was a doodler. However, I gave it my best shot and am happy with the way the page turned out.

Of course before I found this site I was still working away on my journal. Now on Friday night I got a phone call from my boss. He had found something out by the gas pumps and he was worried because he couldn't leave it in the store, nor could he take it home so he was bringing it to me because he thought I would know what to do with it. About 15 minutes later he shows up at my door with a kitten in one arm, a bag of cat food and a bag of Kitty litter in his other arm. Well when Missi passed away just before Christmas I swore I would never ever have another cat and I didn't want one. I wanted to tell him to put that darn kitten back where he found it. However, there was no way I could condemn that poor little animal to death because that was surely what it would be if it went back outside. So, I now have a little black and white female kitten approx 7 months old called what else? Lucky!! She is very lucky that Mike found her and not Sophia because while Sophia is a very loving woman she is not really into animals and would have just overlooked her. Mike on the other hand, loves animals and would have loved to have taken that kitten home with him but his Jack Russel would have torn her apart. She is also lucky that I answered the door and not my husband because he would have said "Mike, I have no idea what you can do with her." and that would have been the end of it.. me on the other hand, once I have looked into their eyes am a goner. Anyway, here is the journal page I did about Lucky.

One of the challenges at The Flying Unicorn this month is to do a journal page with "heart". I did one about our 40th wedding anniversary which is the 17th of this month.I still can't believe it has been that long, the time has just flown by and if I had to do it all over again, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Here is another one I did for the same challenge.

Another challenge at the Flying Unicorn was to do a layout that was at least 90% pink.. well like that was a challenge for me? This time I did a layout about Lucky (she is gonna be fodder for my scrapping for a while I think LOL).

I popped back to My Sketch World today since I haven't been there for eons and ages, they are having a sketch a thon. I did the first challenge which was to do a layout about spring. Now I figure there is nothing more springish than a Canada Goose with her gaggle (is that the right term) of goslings.

Another challenge at the Flying Unicorn was to create a layout, card or project with at least four hearts on it. I opted for the card. I figure that with 5 grand children I needed to get some valentines made.

Oh my gosh, did I do all that in 7 days!!!! Wow, go Jackie go!!! Here I thought I was being a slacker and I have done a lot more than I thought I had. LOL

Oh yeah I forgot to post the link to that faith booking site I was talking about.. it is An A to Z of Me


Colleen said...

Jackie you are really doing great work on your journal. I can tell you really love what you are doing.

Pat said...

jackie your work has been awesome eith these journal pages. I love what you're doing.