Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Fresh New Month

Well here we go again. Another month has passed us by and once again, I had good intentions but that was all I had.. they never quite made it to my blog. The fact that I didn't post does not mean that I didn't get anything done. I have been stretching my abilities farther and farther from my base... so far in fact that I am not sure where my baseline is anymore. I have been doing so many different things that I am honestly not even sure what I like and what I don't like anymore. I will do something, look at it and think, gee I almost like that.. or well that's not so bad after all... then the next thing I am thinking, you know what, I DO like that. The one thing I do know is that I will never be satisfied with just plain anymore. LOL I am constantly evolving, no staying in one place or with one style for me. I will not be pigeon-holed that is for sure LOL I have no idea what challenges I did these for or in what order I did them, but here are the layouts I did for April. Okay this one I know I did for a challenge at the Flying Unicorn.
This one I did for a challenge to use a penny on a layout at the Sisterhood of Scrap. Since the government of Canada has announced they will be doing away with the penny I thought I would do a layout using the different pennies that have been used over the years.
A school challenge at SOS and a fussy cutting challenge at FU was the reason for creating this one.
For a challenge at FU but I can't remember what the challenge was though.
I sorta cheated on this one. A challenge at SOS required us to do a layout about our name.
National Sibling day saw a challenge posted at SOS to do a layout with siblings.. this is my sister and me.
The Shape it up challenge at FU required you to do a layout that was any shape other than a square. I am honoured that this layout was chosen as Project of the Week.
This was THE challenge of challenges at FU. It had a list of ingredients that were required to be used on the layout.
Here are some cards I created:


SusieJ said...

Lovely, lovely work Jackie! Really like the idea behind "End of the Line"..wondering when our government will get rid of pennies.
I also must thank you for introducing me to the Flying Unicorn. I too am having my boundaries pushed...and I'm loving every minute!
Hugs xx

Colleen said...

Jackie, I have always been your fan but really loving some of your new work. It is good to stretch that boundary and expand on it.