Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Such a Sad State of Affairs

I honestly thought I would start the new year off better than I did. I had planned that I would blog at least every other day if not every day. I sure fell short of that plan didn't I!

The last months of last year were not good for me, I fell into a depression that I couldn't pull myself out of no matter what I did. I didn't want to scrap, I didn't want to talk to anyone, I didn't even want to work and I love my job. However I did manage to pull/drag myself through it.

Hence my blog went thoroughly neglected. I will try to do better this year.. try being the key word here.

We had a wonderful Christmas with the grand children. Of course we had to spoil them.. now I have to start thinking of how to spoil them this year. LOL New Years Eve was rung in quietly here at home playing Farmville..what else? Farmville is my life these days.. when I am not working I am playing Farmville.

On January 4th I did the unthinkable, at least as far as my cat is concerned, I went and got myself a dog. While I have always owned a cat I have never ever owned a dog. Jack seems like he was meant to be ours. We went to the animal shelter just to look and see what they had but even though the hours on the door said they were supposed to be open, they were locked up tight. Alan suggested we go to K9 Klips, which is a local dog grooming salon. The lady that runs it is a major pet lover and also takes in animals for adoption.. but mostly cats and kittens so I didn't think there was much point in going there. However, Al said well it won't hurt to go and take a look. So we went. Now Mary Ann has this cutest little fluff ball of a dog.. and I got down on the floor to play with it, while I was down there this other dog comes over to me and starts climbing on me and licking me. So, being me, I had to cuddle it for a while. Mary Ann says, he is looking for a good home, just got him in this morning. His owners broke up and she couldn't take him with her. His name is Jack and he is a 7year old Shih Tsu. Two things I said I would NEVER have, a male dog and a Shih Tsu. But I fell instantly in love with him and we brought him home for the night just to see how it would be. It was like he had always lived with us.

Anyway, here is our newest family member.

He is a real joy to have around. It is so nice to come home from work and have him meet me at the door and jump up in my lap as soon as I sit down and snuzzle up to me.

On a more serious note, my oldest grand daughter got bitten by a dog just after Christmas. It looked pretty bad for a while but thank goodness.. no Thank God it healed up very very well. She was on a liquid diet for a week and had no movement in her lips at all. The inside of her bottom lip was nothing but pulp. We were expecting her to need reconstructive surgery but prayer intervened and it healed quite nicely. Only a fine scar marks her top lip.

Colleen and I are responsible for the challenges over at the Sisterhood for the months of January and February. We have quite the list prepared to keep the gals motivated and scrapping. Colleen is doing January's challenges.

For the first week she posted three challenges.

January 3, 1967 --A patent for an apparatus for solar cooling and heating a house was received by Harry Thomason. For this challenge let's think about something warm and sunny. Please use on your layout something yellow and bright.
Of course since yellow is my favourite colour this one was easy for me to do.

January 4, 1972 Willy Wonka's trademark was registered. So in honor of Willy Wonka, let's see lots of chocolate colored papers.
Who doesn't love chocolate.. another easy one LOL

January 4, 1643--Isaac Newton was a noted physicist, mathematician, and astronomer, who invented a telescope. Let's see some dates and/or numbers on your layout or card.
This one was more difficult for me because I have a hard time using numbers on a layout.

Week 2
January 7, 1913 Patent #1, 049,667 was granted to William Burton for the manufacture of gasoline. Instead of doing a layout or a card, this time make a tag. It could be an arch tag, square tag, doesn't really matter but on this tag you need to have a car or truck.

January 15, 1861 E.G. Otis was issued patent #31,128 for "improvement in hoisting apparatus" (safety elevator). For this layout, please show some movement.
The little bug thingy on the bottom of the layout moves across the page.

January 16, 1984, Jim Henson's copyright claim on "Kermit, the Muppet" was renewed. In honor of Kermit, let's see some animals on your layout or card.
I think a frog is in keeping with Kermit LOL

This is all for the time being. There will be more challenges next week. Most likely more Jack pictures.. Missi is starting to accept him so maybe get some pictures of her actually close to him LOL


Colleen said...

I like the look of your blog and great job on getting a start on this year and keeping up. I love your layouts. You rock lady.

SusieJ said...

So lovely to see you posting again Jackie!
And welcome to Jack - he looks ever so cute!
Interesting challenges and I love your LOs.
Hugs xx