Monday, March 7, 2011

It's that time!!!

Yes, that's right, it's that time again!! WeScrap is having a DT call. Do you have what it takes to become a member of the DT at WeScrap? If so head on over there and apply. You will be working with a talented group of ladies.

I have been busy working on challenges as usual. Some day I am going to get a life but until then I will continue to enjoy myself doing what I love haha. Sisterhood of Scrap is having March Madness month and they have come up with some holidays that you wouldn't believe and the challenges to go with them is something else. Scrapbook Heaven is having their "Going Green" month.. their challenges are way out of the box, and WeScrap are having their regular monthly challenges. I still haven't decided which way I like the best.. WeScrap posts their challenges over time throughout the month but the other two posts all their challenges at the beginning of the month. I like being able to pick and choose my challenges but at the same time I enjoy looking forward to the new challenges during the month.

Okay on to the challenges and not necessarily in the order in which they were done either LOL
#1 Did you know that March is Music in your Schools month???
So for this month I want you to create a project (card, layout, atc or altered item) celebrating music. This can be by using music papers, ribbbons, song titles or even lyrics from your favorite songs.

For this one I created a card. I have no idea where this paper came from. I think I got it in a RAK, I am sure I didn't buy it.

#2.March 13 is Buzzards Day. So for Buzzard day this is what your layout needs:
1. Some kind of splatter on it, either paint, mist or ink
2. Feathers
3. One strip of pp
4. One Photo matted
5. A Flower
Now DH told me these were all stretching the limits and I should explain my thoughts, 1. is for when the animal is killed and splattered all over the road, mean buzzard supper. 2. Buzzards have feathers, right? 3. is for the stripe down the middle of the road. 4. One photo matted, the dead animals on top of the road. 5. Rest in peace departed animal.

This is what I came up with.

#3. Did you know that March 9th is PANIC Day!!In honour of this holiday, I want to see a layout or a card or an ATC or an art journal page with what causes you to PANIC!!!!

Well it is no secret that spiders and snakes are my worst enemies LOL

#4. March 19th is National Quilting Day.Quilting is kinda similar to scrapbooking .... instead you're creating with fabric rather than paper. There are so many beautiful patterns out there and so many different ways of arranging those prints.

For this challenge, use paper pieces to create a bigger pattern on a layout. For my sample, I used 12" strips to make a background. As with anything to do with quilting, be sure to use some stitching -- real or faux!

I combined this one with the sketchy saturday march 5th challenge from WeScrap. Here is the sketch.

I also combined it with the March 5th: Going Green: stamp with trash challenge over at Scrapbook Heaven.. got some mileage out of this layout LOL
This is what I came up with.

#5. March 8th is Mardi Gras. Hi girls I chose to celebrate Mardi Gras because I love the glam of it all and who doesn't love beads.
Mardi Gras is Always 46 days before Easter; also known as Fat Tuesday.
For this challenge I want to see you use the Colors: Green,Gold/Yellow,Black, and Purple.
You must also use mist of some sort and something shiny, feathery or glitzy!

This is what I created for this challenge.

#6.March 19th is the first day of spring. First Day of Spring challenge to me says windy days, so that means something flying, I chose a kite but want to see what you come up with. Also green grass starts showing up so your layout should be mostly green and of course the animals like to get outside as well so throw in some kind of animal and you know me, it is going to have to have some flowers as well.

I had fun with this one haha. I also combined this one with Sue's challenge over at WeScrap, it was a sketch challenge and here is her sketch. I'm telling ya, the gals over there can really put together some gorgeous sketches.

#7.March 11 is worship of tools day! can you believe their is a WORSHIP OF TOOLS DAY??!?!?!?!!
Well to celebrate this Day I want you to use your tools!!!!!
USE your stamps, your inks, your border many as you can!!!!

#8.March 2nd Dr.Suess Birthday. Happy March everyone! To celebrate Dr Suess's (a man I hold partly responsible for my children's love of reading and of goofy words) birthday on the 2nd, I'm challenging you to do a layout using some part of his writings either in the title or the journaling. There are lots of links to find his quotes, but here's a good one to start!

#9.March 14th is Albery Einsteins birthday. For this challenge you have some options. Pick one, and create a layout.

You can:
a. create a layout that is about your favorite invention.
b. create a layout about one of the smartest people you know.

#10.Alexander Graham Bell's Bday is March 3...and of course, he is known for inventing the telephone! When I think of using the telephone, I think of 'reaching out' to someone. So to celebrate, I would like you to reach out to someone you know by sending them a card. Ccreate a card - any theme - and then send it to someone.

I am not good at making cards but I came up with this one.

#11.March 13th is Good Samaritan Day. When I think of the "good Samaritan" I think of someone who helps another person or encourages another. So, my challenge is for you to create a card -- it can be a "thank-you card", or a "thinking of you" card.... maybe just an "hello" card to a friend you haven't talked with in a while. Once you make your card, be sure to send it off in the mail and make someone's day :-)

I wanted a plain card for a male but still a nice one, so this is what I came up with.

I think I am going to have to quit this posting only bi-monthly and start posting everytime I do a layout or at least every couple of days .. I am starting to lose track of what I have done. :)


Colleen said...

You are rockin the challenges. So glad you can combine the 2 different sites for one challenge.

melody said...

wowza chickie ~ you're rawkin the challenges ~ awesome los and cards..lovin that 'thinking of you' one! great to see you gettin scrappy happy