Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Going Strong!

Well I thought I had seen it all with my boss but he surprised me on Sunday. As I have stated before, I never work to a schedule. When I leave work, they tell me when I am working again and when I go in to work, they tell me what time I am working til. I have tried to pin them to a schedule but it didn't work out. They were constantly changing it and I was getting crap for not showing up for work because they would change the schedule to have me work on a day before I was scheduled to work again and not let me know about it. Anyway, on Sunday before they left I asked the usual question "What time am I working til?".. and he comes back with "I don't know" You could have knocked me over with a feather. Poor Sophia just started laughing like crazy. I guess he decided he didn't want to have to be home at a set time. Oh well, at least they weren't too late getting home to relieve me.

I finished up the last of the challenges for the march madness at SOS.
March 21st~National Teen-Ager Day,Today we are going to celebrate the Teen years. We have all been one once.
For this challenge you must include a picture of a teen. I would like to see you use Brackets and stickers. Nothing too fancy!

I managed to find this picture of Janet when she was a teenager. She was working for MacDonalds at the time and had just been named Employee of the Month. She had taken her bonus and had gone to the hairdressers and gotten a perm. She was so proud of herself.. and of course I was too. :)

Happy Birthday Harry Houdini!Mar 24th is Harry Houdini's 137th birthday!! So to mark the day, I'd like to challenge you to make a layout with some HIDDEN JOURNALING (tell me you didn't see that coming a mile away!!) Show pics of how and where you've hidden your journaling while keeping the actual journaling hidden.

I love this photo of Samantha showing of her filthy hands. She was playing in the dirt and loving every minute of it. OMG did she get dirty or what!!! I left her alone and let her play to her hearts content.. a little dirt never hurt anyone and she was soooo happy.

I have also been working on a couple of challenges for the Going Green event over at Scrapbook Heaven. I don't think I am very green oriented because I haven't been doing very many of them. I only do those that I have some interest in.
The first one was to create a layout using only items that you have had for at least 6 months or longer. Well that was an easy one for me because most of my product is that old LOL.. yeah I have a few new sheets of paper but not that much.
Here is a photo of my mother with my nephew when he was a baby.. that is an OLD picture.

Next up was to create some Magazine medallions using the tutorial from this site here I'm afraid I didn't make a very good showing with this so I only made the one. If it had turned out better I would have made more of them. It looks to me like her paper was a lot thicker than mine was.

I also did Tara's Brighten Up challenge at WeScrap. Now for this one I dug up some really old scraps of Cosmos Cricket. I never throw out my scraps if they are over an inch wide.. never know when I can use them for something you know LOL

Well that's all for now. I am caught up with all the challenges.. at least the ones I am going to do. Oh yeah, I forgot, I also made a few note cards. I have made four more since I took the picture. I am going to be making somemore cards too.

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